A global climate strike called Fridays for the Future

A global climate strike called Fridays for the Future

Global mobilization against climate change in Europe. The global protest against global warming has brought together 3,000 young activists in Vienna.

In Rome, hundreds of young people marched peacefully in a demonstration called by environmental groups Friday for the Future, Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion.

In Berlin, thousands of people demanded that the German government take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, particularly in the transport sector. The Liberal Democrats, a small pro-business party that controls the Department for Transport, oppose efforts to impose a speed limit, phase out combustion engines and reduce road construction.

And in Paris, a group of environmental activists protested against a pipeline project for Totalenergies, outside the headquarters of the Amundi Group, which is financing a massive pipeline project between Uganda and Tanzania, whose climate and social consequences would be “tragic”, according to climate activists.

“We at Extinction Rebellion believe civil disobedience is the way to go,” Moana, Extinction Rebellion activist.

“This is no longer possible, and the danger to the planet is imminent. That is, if we continue like this, we will only reach at least three degrees in the year 2100. And that is a disaster.”

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