Tennessee (USA) prohibits drag shows to hide them from children’s view

The US state of Tennessee has passed Tow restriction appears on public roads to hide them from children’s viewand imposing fines on those who do not comply with the new regulations.

Republican Governor Bill Lee signed a bill that would restrict the performance of the public draw, He made his state the first to do so in 2023as reported by CNN.

measure that has been previously approved Tennessee House of Representatives and Senatedefine as “lecherous interest” A cabaret performance for adults as a show” featuring topless dancers, strippers, exotic dancers, “strippers”, as well as Male or female impersonators providing entertainment. Republicans say the shows expose children to “inappropriate” sexual themes and images.

This type of restriction is the first of nearly a dozen similar bills being considered in other GOP-ruled states, such as The law they approved in 2020 This allowed agencies to refuse adoption of gay boys and girls Moral and Religious Beliefs.

However, the LGBT community has rejected this type of accusation, stating that the proposed actions “discriminators” against the group and may be violated US Constitution.

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