Cuba highlights Azerbaijan’s leadership in the Non-Aligned Movement

Cuba highlights Azerbaijan’s leadership in the Non-Aligned Movement

In our opinion, Azerbaijan has done a good job, because it was presiding over a group of 120 countries in the midst of this emergency, which is why it was decided to extend this mandate for another year (2023), the leader values ​​in statements to Prensa Latina and Cuban television.

For Valdes Mesa, the Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement Contact Group that is meeting in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, is an important and timely meeting that contributes to the strengthening of the movement.

Since he took over the leadership of the group in 2019 – the rotation takes place every three years – the vice-president who heads the Cuban delegation to the meeting stressed that this Eurasian country has been proactive and has developed many initiatives and has not lost touch with its members. of eminent personalities.

He referred to one of the proposals of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, so that the Non-Aligned Movement countries with the greatest development and potential make an effort and create a fund to help those who have fewer resources.

The Aliyev administration will deposit one million dollars for the creation of this account, which it proposes, confirmed Valdes Mesa in an interview with the special envoys of both media.

“I listened carefully to the speeches of the presidents and vice presidents who attended the meeting, and the conference itself, in my opinion, was successful,” he said.

A result that left Azerbaijan – as he stressed – in the remaining phase of the mandate until the transfer of the leadership of the movement to Uganda in November next.

He explained that although it was not a major topic of discussion at the Baku meeting, many statements were heard about bringing peace to the world, putting an end to conflicts, coercive measures and sanctions. “We were very happy because in today’s speeches the demand to lift the sanctions imposed on Cuba, that long blockade by the United States, which is an old, outdated measure, appeared,” he said.

In short, we believe that this meeting of non-aligned countries is successful and contributes to helping those of us who are subject to sanctions, but we will move forward, he stressed.


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