Amazing US MMA knockout: his rival collapsed with a brutal kick with a twist

Amazing US MMA knockout: his rival collapsed with a brutal kick with a twist
Shock kick and knockout by Paul Capaldo

American Paul Capaldo The protagonist was one of the most spectacular victories this weekend in the world mixed martial arts. Friday night, the fighter showed a perfect flying kick that left his compatriot without a chance Chris Vasil Under the evening Cage Fury Fighting Championship 95That took place in Philadelphia.

It was only 20 seconds into the third round when Capaldo, 24, executed the maneuver that earned him a stunning victory. After an exchange with a rival, He was surprised by a violent twisting blow to the face that caused Vasyl to fall.

But his attack did not end there: With Vasil already on the ground and without a response, Capaldo threw himself at him and attempted to end the fight with a wave of punches across the face. The match judge responded quickly, removing the 24-year-old fighter so as not to harm his opponent W. Issued by knockout.

This was the most resounding victory for Capaldo’s short career, which has so far completed six fights in the world of mixed martial arts, all within the framework of the Cage Fury Fighting Championship. His debut came in 2018 and so far he has had a 5–0 record, with two knockout wins. His last fights were in August 2020, when he was defeated Jamal Johnson By unanimous decision.

Nicknamed Fasil Rotten appleThus he suffered a second defeat in his career – the first in CFFC – and currently Holds a record 4-2. It was a heavy blow to a fighter that came from a beating Fadi Shoman Previously Troy Guerrero straight.

The Cage Fury Fighting Championship It is a mixed martial arts company born and founded in the USA Felix And Amy Martinez. Its events are mainly held in the northeast of that country. In the eight formed several fighters who later managed to make the leap to UFC. From them: Jamin Sterling, Paul Felder, George Sullivan And Jimmy Rivera, Among other things.

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