The Leones7s finished eighth in the UAE Championship after a bad day


TheSpanish rugby team finished 7 in Eighth and last place His participation in the first two championships that will be held in Dubai under the umbrella Emirates Airlines call 7s.

After a great first day, what else The Leones7s finished with two victories over Chile and Kenya, The Spaniards could not continue their winning streak in crosses on the second day of competition.

In the golden quarter-finals, disciples Pablo Viejo He fell Ante Yapen (15-12), In the silver semifinals they could not beat Chile national team (22-17), And finally lost in Seventh-place duel against Uganda (19-24).

The “Leone7s”, with a very young and inexperienced team, were in the fray in all three matches. Reality They managed to reach the golden semi-finals against the strongest Japanese playersBecause they did their last play Enrique Paulinsch He was unable to land the ball after a kick from Juan Martinez.

The duel was against Chile in The first half ended with a 17-0 win for South America. The Spaniards managed to balance the competition but the final training sessions from Chile will be final.

Already against Uganda, the tournament’s weakest competitor, the Leones7s showed their oddest face to add a third setback for the day.

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