What are surebets and how to operate with the strategy?


Nowadays bettors always search for a way to exclude risks of loosing money at bookmakers, but much of existing betting strategies are turn out to be ineffective. Today we are going to tell you about the strategy, which is one of the few that has proven its effectiveness – surebets.

What are Surebets?

Surebets—also called arbitrage situations—are a well-liked and lucrative tactic for wagerers on sports. In order to guarantee a profit, this strategy entails using multiple bookmakers to place bets on every possible outcome of a sporting event. When used properly, surebets can produce profits without taking any risks by taking advantage of differences in odds provided by various bookmakers.

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How Surebets Work

Finding conditions where the total odds for all potential outcomes of an event are less than 100% is the basic tenet of surebetting. In these situations, you can wager on any result and profit regardless of how the event turns out. To do this, a thorough examination of the odds offered by different bookmakers is necessary, along with exact computations to ascertain the ideal wager for every wager.

Benefits of Surebetting

Surebets provide bettors with a number of benefits. First of all, because the bets cover every scenario, they offer a chance to profit without taking any risks. Second, using surebets can be a great method to gradually increase your betting budget. This method is a flexible choice for bettors because it can be used for a variety of sports and events.

Finding Surebets

In order to find surebets, many bettors rely on special online services. Such tools automatically scan odds from various bookmakers and identify opportunities for surebetting. They can save time and effort, making it easier for bettors to findining and placing surebets.

Probably the best among such services for arbers is BetWasp. This surebet scanner analyze betting lines of different bookmakers (43 for now) and provides to the customers with a list of profitable surebets and value bets. 

If you want to find and place surebet with the help of the above-mentioned scanner, you just need to:

  1. Sign in to BetWasp with your login details.
  2. Go to the scanning results page and than – to the filter settings.
  3. Set required parameters such as kinds of sport, bookmakers, markets and save changes.
  4. Choose the most suitable surebet for you from proposed by the scanner. 
  5. Calculate with our handy calculator surebet bets. 
  6. Click on target icon for redirect to bookmakers websites and place bets.

That’s all you need in order to place surebet. The last step is to wait till the end of this sports event and get your guaranteed profit. 

Other advantages of using surebet services 

Despite the above-mentioned advantages, BetWasp surebet service have other useful features. Among them – hide menu, which will help to exclude you from the list surebets and value bets, that don’t requires your settings.

Another feature – Propositions. With a help of it you can vote for bookmakers that you want to see in scanners list. And the widget with bookmakers statuses will help you to understand is there are any problems with already scanned bookies.

It’s also need to mention close odds tool that gives to an arber a possibility to choose similar odds at another bookmaker when the odds for one of the outcomes has already changed. Very useful tool, especially when we are talking about live surebets, where we can see the fast odds changing.


Thousands of bettors have already benefited financially from sports betting thanks to the Surebet betting system; you could be one of them. But before you can place win-win bets, you must first learn how to use it correctly.

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