Amazon has launched deliveries using drones for the first time in the United States

Amazon has launched deliveries using drones for the first time in the United States

Amazon Prime Air’s drone delivery program is rolling out from two locations in the US and is expected to reach more communities incrementally.

e-commerce giant, Amazon, premiere after two years of testing, one-hour delivery with drones at two locations in the United States. the program Amazon Prime Air It will deliver shipments to its customers’ backyards thanks to MK27-2 drones.

Amazon actually made these First Christmas drone shipments to two locations in California and Texas, With a maximum delivery time of one hour, as specified Ars Technica. In August this year, the company acquired FAA approval (FAA) to use drones to deliver packages. With a maximum payload of 5 lbs. Amazon indicates that 85% of its shipments fall under this weight category.

about him Run this delivery programThe company explained that “the drone will fly to the specified delivery location, descend into the customer’s backyard and hover at a safe altitude. It will then safely release the package and climb back to altitude.” For now, only Amazon Prime Air services will apply A maximum of 50 deliveries per day in each of the selected sectors.

Our goal is to get our drones to the skies safely. We started in these communities and will gradually expand deliveries to more customers.” Natalie BankeAmazon Air spokesperson.

Amazon has been able to implement its delivery program using drones

this is Advances in the company’s distribution program It’s good news It was a project full of bumps and complicationsDespite security issues and accidents during testing and a mass iteration in the UK in 2021, it has been difficult to move forward.

Drones fly autonomously and are designed to avoid obstacles such as cell towers or chimneys, however Amazon is already working on a new modelthe MK30x, which in addition to generating less noise is faster and can deliver in rainy conditions.

Amazon customers in the two locations selected to debut the drone delivery service will need to register to participate in the program when purchasing products on Amazon. In this way, the company promises to expand its air services to more locations in other regions, as long as the organization of urban drone flights allows. At the moment, there is no news about the arrival of Amazon Prime Air in Europe.

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