Are you considering seeking asylum in the United States? Now there will be a new look

Are you considering seeking asylum in the United States?  Now there will be a new look

Soon it will be necessary to complete a new asylum application form in the United States. It’s I-589, as confirmed by USCIS (USCIS, for its English acronym).Similarly, another new form will be issued if you qualify for the work permit application. It would be I-765, as USCIS indicated.

The office indicated that since November it will not accept old form forms. These are determined by their release date, which is found on the internal pages of both apps.

Important clarification: Previous versions of Forms I-589 and I-765 can still be filed before November 7.

Reasons for modification

First, it is necessary to clarify that last February, a court in the District of Columbia struck down two regulations approved under Trump. These rules directly affect migrants who have applied for asylum and want to work as quickly as possible.

One law limited the valuable benefit of immigration and the other only in some cases. Both were announced in 2019 and went into effect a year later.

Both systems were passed through the pen of the former Secretary of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, and affected immigrant benefits.

To give you an idea of ​​their impact, you should know that someone has radically eliminated the 30-day period for delivery management. Which? Nothing short of handing over a work permit to asylum seekers.

And as if that weren’t enough, another “celebration” law unfortunately eliminated the 150-day period, after seeking asylum. Its negative effect is that in that period a petition for a work permit was filed.

Through these decisions, at that time, thousands of immigrants saw how their immigration processes, already in the United States, were getting more and more delayed every day. USCIS has been taking a long time to approve much-needed work permits.

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