United States: Nearly 17,000 hectares consumed by fire

United States: Nearly 17,000 hectares consumed by fire

The fire, which has been dubbed the “mosquito fire”, threatens 5,800 buildings and has already forced thousands of people to urgently evacuate their homes, according to the California Fire Agency.

AFP reported that the fire started Tuesday near Sacramento, northeast of San Francisco, and is moving very quickly.

Firefighters were able to contain about 10% overnight on Saturday thanks to a slight drop in temperature and higher humidity.

But the acceleration of the wind helps it move north and north-eastAgency, in its latest report.

“While California wildfires often occur in rugged terrain, in this case it is flat terrain.Fire Department spokesperson Chris Vestal commented on his advisory by local TV channel KSBW.

Firefighters, aided by bulldozers, planes and helicopters, as well as police, helped evacuate several towns in the area including Georgetown, Vulcanoville and Bottle Hill.

Sharif had to go through the fire to get usVulcanoville resident Linda Gamble told KCRA 3.

And he said: “We live in a mobile home, and if it burns down, we will lose everything“.

In the south of the state, heavy rain fell on Saturday due to a tropical storm that allowed firefighters to take control of “Fairview Fire‘, killing two people and burning 11,300 hectares near Los Angeles.

These deposits put an end to the stifling heat wave that had plagued the western United States for a week, as the thermometer exceeded 45 degrees Celsius.

The region has been experiencing a historic drought for more than two decades, which scientists say has been exacerbated by climate change.

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