Cesar Gracia, a Mexican gymnastics talent hiding in the United States

Cesar Gracia, a Mexican gymnastics talent hiding in the United States

Mexico City /

For this Olympics, the unknown in men’s artistic gymnastics is the observance of the new promises we’ll see heading into the Paris 2024 Olympics, and whoever raises his hand at this time is Cesar Gracean athlete who has been studying and competing at the University of Oklahoma for three years, but actually proposed this year Find a place in the national team and set out on the Olympic track.

“I have been doing gymnastics since I was a kid and came to the US three years ago. Here I do gymnastics and study at university. This year there are many selective competitions and there are already many unions who were aware of what you have done hereMention of grace.

Cesar won many times with his alma mater, He has never represented Mexico in an international eventThis opportunity could present itself at the World University Games in China this year.

“I am in the middle of the competition season and everything is going well, I have won twice over several universities. I would have had the opportunity to represent Mexico at the international level, but the situation came and I could no longer do that. There is the World Universities Championship which is an international competition for university students. I finished the season in the United States in April and the selectivity will come in Mexico.”

Cesar is aware of the competitive level in Mexico, and that to win a place, he will have to face outstanding champions, such as Isaac Nunez and Fabian de Luna, Who have been declared champions of the 2019 Pan American Games Lima.

“Physically and mentally I feel very good, obviously there are a few things I have to adjust and improve, but in the end I feel very ready for the process. Now I’m going to increase the difficulty on the tools I’m making.said the athlete

Gracia noted that the best device she dominates is the parallel bars, and the most difficult for her is the floor.


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