The United States is relaxing its immigration policy for unaccompanied minors

The United States is relaxing its immigration policy for unaccompanied minors

Government of the President of the United States, Joe Bidenthe controversial immigration policy softened the era of the former president Donald TrumpThis means that unaccompanied minors will not be deported from the country.

“The director of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is rescinding an order under Title 42 suspending the right to bring certain persons into the United States in connection with unaccompanied children,” they said. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“In effect, this means that unaccompanied children will not be removed from the United States under the CDC order.”

Address 42 was issued by Center for Disease Control In March 2020, at the beginning covid-19 pandemicIt allowed US authorities to expel families of immigrants who were caught crossing the US-Mexico border without the ability to seek asylum in the US.

Since it went into effect, immigrants have been rejected more than 1.6 million times under the policy, although some of these cases have been of people who have crossed multiple times.

In a separate 21-page order justifying the decision to end Address 42 for unaccompanied minors, CDC Director Rochelle Walinsky cited the recent nationwide decline in Covid-19 cases and an increase in vaccination rates in the United States and in the countries of immigrants traveling to the United States. southern border.

At the beginning of his presidency, Biden He exempted unaccompanied children from the removal policy, but a federal judge in Texas ruled on March 4 that minors could not be excluded in a case the state of Texas brought against the administration.

That ruling, which conflicts with another US district court order in 2020 that bars the removal of unaccompanied children, has pressured the administration to consider whether to rescind the order altogether.


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