Cheptegei crowns 5000m and gives Uganda its first Olympic gold in athletics

Cheptegei crowns 5000m and gives Uganda its first Olympic gold in athletics

EFE.- Joshua Cheptige, world record holder 5 thousand meters, finished Uganda strategy With An indisputable victory in the Olympic final Hit his rivals with the help of his partner Jacob Kiplemo And he gave his own First Olympic gold medal in athletics.

The last change in Cheptegei, 500 meters, left without legs to his main opponents, who did not reach the race with the necessary freshness of legs take away glory.

Cheptegei, who was Runner-up in the 10,000m race On the first day of athletics at the Games, he took the gold medal in the 5000m with a time 12: 58.15before the Canadian Mohammed Ahmed (12:58.61) He is of Kenyan-American descent Paul Chelemo (12:59.05), while Kiplimo paid for his efforts with Fifth place.

And so Uganda got its first Olympic gold medal in athletics, in a career it sought British successor Muhammad Farah, winner of the last two games.

Before arriving in Tokyo, 20-year-old Kiplemo Cheptegei was I didn’t lose 5,000 meters on the track Since the FIFA U-20 World Cup 2018.

Along the same lines

Cheptegei put his pace at 5,000m of the shot, alternating with Kiplimo to reach the first millennium in 2:38.00. Caterer walked through a tense group. A sight known to the Spaniards, similar to the Diamond League rallies.

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The second millennium (5:14.10) did not break the pack, nor did the third (7:55.25), averaging 62 seconds per lap.

Three laps from the finish Kimeli came out on top, along with Chelimo, who caused the 9 cut to negotiate the last 800 metres. Cheptegei’s drag in the last 500 meters ended with Katir dropping, which was already enough, inch by inch left.

Kenya acquires 500,000

kenny Faith Kipigon Re-check his Olympic title one thousand and 500 meters With an attack at the last turn, the resistance of the Dutch was broken Sivan Hassan |, up to that point coupled with it but ended up giving up second place to the British Laura Muir.

Kipyegon benefited from wear, wear From the Dutch, who marked Along the same lines From the start, to finish it in reverse and win Ten meters lead about the British. Your winning brand3: 53.11) it’s a New Olympic record.

Muir, at times off the hook for the two finalists, finished very strong and left Hassan nailed into the corner to pin the silver medal with the British record (3: 54.50). The Dutch came in third 3: 55.86.

wear, wear

Four days after winning gold in the 5,000m, Ethiopian-born Sefan Hassan was vying for the second of three titles she had won in Tokyo, hoping to save an unprecedented triple at the Olympics.

This was his fifth race in eight days, and perhaps the toughest challenge as he went through two rounds, crashing in the first, before standing in the final.

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World champion Hassan (also in the 10,000, her next challenge here), Olympic defending champion Faith Kipigon, who has reclaimed her old form after being a mother three years ago and in Monaco already this year beat a multi-faceted Dutchman with the fourth best Mark in History (3:51.07).

Unlike in previous races, in this race Hassan took the lead of the group on the first lap to enforce the tempo he thought suited him (1:02.84 in the 400 and 2:07.00 in the 800).

To his right was placed Kipyegon, who did not move until 300, but when he did it was with fatal results. He ran the last lap at 59secs and won a lot of slack.

Spain’s Marta Pérez, a finalist on her Olympic debut, finished ninth and penultimate with a new personal record (4:00.12), placing her second in the Spanish standings of all-time, behind the national record holder, Nuria Fernandez ( 3: 59.51.

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