Cultural offerings are being relocated to the Carmelites due to the closure of San Andrés

Cultural offerings are being relocated to the Carmelites due to the closure of San Andrés

The cultural activities that were to be organized in the Diocese of San Andrés will be held temporarily in the Carmelite Church until the completion of the roof of the first religious site. There will be a double date this weekend. On Saturday, at 8:15 pm, there will be a charity concert for the benefit of Uganda by the Aba Taano Quintet, who has been bringing a special gospel proposal to all of Europe since Africa 2008. And on Sunday (7:30 pm) you can enjoy a concert by the female band Izo and Sostoa Abesbatza.

The concert will be held on Saturday to benefit the Music to Save Lives Project, a humanitarian project set up in Uganda in 2005 with the goal of saving children who have experienced total abandonment. Currently, more than 60 people live in a house on the outskirts of Kampala, in Kirika, so that they can live on their own. After the ceremony, a donation will be requested for the project.

  • Saturday
    The Aba Taano group will be performing at Carmel Festival at 8:15 p.m.

  • Sunday
    The Ezo Women’s Choir and Sostua Abyspatza will perform a joint concert in Carmel starting at 7:30 p.m.

  • parish choir
    The rehearsals of this group in the parish of San Andrés are now taking place in the Church of San Agustín.

Ugandans Sinteza Derek (bass), Kimizi Joshua (baritone), Kamuga Morris (bass), Mayanga Lewis (bass) and Nibal Harriet (high), although they are joined on occasion by Whitney Namukisa (high). . Warm vocals exuding cheerfulness and energy, offering a repertoire of gospel vocals from South Africa, Kenya and Uganda, and plenty of Zulu gospel, but also indulge in ethnic chants, black spirituals, and even their own versions of pop music, all a cappella and staged. The group has given more than 1,500 concerts in 13 countries across Europe, released seven albums and won 11 international awards, such as the Leipzig Audience Award in 2018. They have also participated in the Virtual Library of African Voices Kiawa, Eduardo Tarilonte, and collaborated on the soundtrack for the movie “The House”.

sostoa abesbatza

On Sundays the Church of the Carmelites will host the Ezo Women’s Choir from San Sebastian with Sostoa Abyspaza, who will present a joint festival starting at 7:30 pm.

The Izu Women’s Choir, framed in the Izu Choir, consists of 40 women, most of whom have completed a stage of musical training for more than 5 years as members of the Arauz Gazti Choir. For his part, Sostoa Abyspatza knows the altar of the Carmelites well, having given several sacred concerts. The Eibar Choir is facing a new phase after the departure of its director, Merengo Plazaola. The special character left by the professor from Zumarraga made a deep mark among the choir, now the new director is Hepai Etxparria, a professor at the School of Music who also debuted as a soloist in a traditional performance of the Eibar choir. According to Sostoa Abesbatza members, “We are clear that we want to move forward and that what we love most is singing. We believe that this stage will give impetus to the choir and that the support of the City Council will benefit everyone, and will lead us to obtain new members and thus be able to access other projects.

parish choir

For its part, the parish choir that had conducted its rehearsals in San Andrés had to move its sessions to the Church of San Agustín. The concerts planned by this group will also be held in the Carmelites, pending the repair, which will provide the necessary security conditions for the temple.

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