DJI veto: US does not agree to ban Chinese drones over alleged espionage

DJI veto: US does not agree to ban Chinese drones over alleged espionage

In addition to Huawei, Another Chinese company that had the most restrictions was with a veto in the United States DJI. maker Drones Previously used by the government to track wildfires and wildlife, it cannot be officially purchased in the North American country, and its future remains uncertain.

The United States Congress is considering a new five-year ban on government purchases of any Drone Manufactured or assembled in China. Lawmakers from both parties say devices built by companies like Shenzhen-based DJI could “facilitate Chinese spying in the country”

The proposed ban was recently incorporated into the broader US Competitiveness and Innovation Act, which was about to pass the Senate before it was abruptly postponed on Friday. While the ban won’t take effect until 2023, several federal agencies have already placed temporary restrictions on the use of Drones Chinese. Some are starting to wipe them out completely.

But Biden analyzes it

Despite this, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, Plans to amend the US investment ban on companies related to China, Bloomberg sources said.

According to the modified order Biden, The Treasury Department will create a list of companies that may face financial penalties for their association with the defense technology and surveillance sectors in the United States China.

So far, financial sanctions and corporate targeting have been linked to a Defense Department report ordered by Congress. In addition to DJI, Another affected lowest wages, One of the leading manufacturers of chips.

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