€200,000 allocated to combat the Ebola outbreak in Uganda

€200,000 allocated to combat the Ebola outbreak in Uganda

The European Union €200,000 mobilized to help the Ugandan Red Cross respond to the outbreak Ebola The European Commission announced on September 20, which has already left more than 40 people dead in the country, the European Commission said in a statement on Tuesday.

This is how the European Union responds to the urgent request for assistance launched by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Uganda announced on September 20 an outbreak Ebola After confirming a case in Mubindi district (center), where a 24-year-old man died from illness Which causes this virus after being infected with the unusual strain coming from Sudan.

This strain is not only less transmissible but also has a lower mortality rate (between 40% and 100%) than the Zaire strain (70%-100%).

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There is currently no approved vaccine against this strain from Sudan, unlike the vaccine from Zaire, which is registered in world epidemics. illness In the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo, a country that on September 24 declared the end of the latest outbreak of the disease Ebola.

Countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Somalia are on alert to prevent a possible spread of the virus.

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