The United States Was Not Surprised by Jair Bolsonaro’s Vote – 10/04/2022

United State On Monday, he downplayed the president’s unexpected results Jair Bolsonaro The first round on Sunday highlighted the smooth running of Election Day.

In statements to the press, a senior official in the Joe Biden administration said that he was not surprised by the results of Bolsonaro, who received more votes than opinion polls expected and will face in the second round. Lola da Silva.

“What is important is that the Brazilian democratic system and its institutions have worked very well,” the same source said.

The senior official celebrated that Brazil “has shown once again that it is a solid democracy.”

He added that the US government will pay attention to the second round, which will be held on October 30, and will work with whoever is elected.

Government Biden A strained relationship with Bolsonaro, who had the support of the former Republican president Donald Trump for re-election.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Anthony BlinkenOn Sunday, he congratulated Brazil on Twitter on the “success” of the first round of elections and hoped that the second round would take place “in the same spirit of peace and civic duty.”

The White House expressed itself in the same vein on Monday, saying it was confident that the second round of elections in Brazil would be conducted “in a free, fair, transparent and credible manner.” White House spokeswoman, Karen Jean-Pierrecongratulated the people Brazil and its institutions for a “successful” first round.

US calls for ‘free, fair and credible’ vote

The White House was confident Monday that the second round of elections in Brazil would be conducted “in a free, fair, transparent and credible manner.”

spokeswoman White HouseKaren Jean-Pierre congratulated the people and institutions of Brazil for holding a “successful” first round and for supporting the “free exercise of the right to elect their next leader”.

“All available information indicates that the first round of elections took place in a free, fair, transparent and credible manner, and all relevant institutions are operating in accordance with their constitutional role,” the US spokeswoman said on board Air Force One. One, on the way to Puerto Rico. For this reason, he emphasized that the United States shares Brazil’s confidence that the second round will be conducted in the same manner.

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