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Biden admits it will take years to reverse the damage from ‘Ian’

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, Friday, admitted that the reconstruction of areas devastated by the hurricane Ian, one of the “worst” in the country’s history, may take “years”. Biden, in a speech to give an account of the latest data on the effects of the hurricane, stressed that this is not a crisis in Florida, but in the United States, and asked the citizens of South Carolina, the state in which he came. The hurricane makes landfall, so they listen to the authorities and follow their guidance.

In the case of Florida, Biden noted that the effects were “by far” more devastating and warned that the scale of the devastation caused by the hurricane was just beginning to show, among the “worst in history.” nation.” “It will take months and years to rebuild, and our hearts are breaking today for those whose lives have been devastated by this storm,” the president said, adding that “America’s heart is literally broken.”

“I will do everything I can for you,” Biden said, addressing the citizens of Florida. The president announced that he had ordered the deployment of the largest rescue force in modern history, and noted, among other statements, that the US Coast Guard deployed six aircraft and eighteen rescue boats, as well as 16 helicopters, to operations in the stricken area. EFE . Report

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