Exatlón México vs Exatlón United States: Which members will return to the special program

Exatlón México vs Exatlón United States: Which members will return to the special program
According to the leaks, a special broadcast will be broadcast at the end of May, where members of both versions of the reality show will face each other (Photo: Twitter – Exatlon)

Before the fifth season premiere of Axelon MexicoInformation about A. A competition that can end the wait for realistic sports fans. It is a special program in which former participants of the national version face 8 members Exatlón United States.

This was announced by Más Televisión, a Twitter account for news and rumors: “COLOSSAL Clash! AztecaUNO will be airing a special episode at the end of May Who they will face in it 8 # ExatlonMX vs #ExatlonEEUU Season 5 participants, It will not be # CopaExatlón as it appeared on social networks. ”

Despite the fact that Más Televisión confirms that it is not about Exathlon CupOther corrupt accounts reported that this was a private broadcast. That would be a duration of one program, not a season. The first edition of this trophy, in which the Mexican competitors participated, was held in 2020, with the winner Matti Alvarez and Hollywood Boldo.

According to More Television, the former participants of "Axelon Mexico" They will face off in a special program against members "Exatlón United States" (Image: TwitterMasTelevisionMx)
According to Más Televisión, former “Exatlón México” participants will face off in a special program against members of “Exatlón United States” (Photo: TwitterMasTelevisionMx)

About to register Exathlon CupThat’s the format I’ve seen before when Season Three ends, with the finalists. We’ll get one again Exathlon CupAnd the It is not known if it will be only among pure participants from Mexico or such a format against other countriesShe was confirmed in a video clip on YouTube where she was named “Kela Queen of Spoilers”, an account dedicated to posting classified information about the sports show.

Through this account, too The Mexican contestants who will be traveling to the Dominican Republic have been revealed to be part of this special broadcast. Among the names of the current champion of Axelon MexicoAnd the Matti Alvarez, Beside David Juarez “The Monster” — Who’s Also Confirmed First Season 5 —, Keno Martell s Doris Del Moral.

It must be remembered that after winning the fourth edition of the reality show Azteca TVMatti Alvarez confirmed that he will not participate in the Sports Challenges program again: “I am very grateful for the opportunity, but she is a cannon, This was the last Xathlon Of my life. There will be no otherThis was stated by Alvarez in an interview with William Valdes for Come joy.

According to the accounts of the spoiler, the members of the fourth group of "Axelon Mexico" They will return to "Exathlon Cup" (Photo: Exathlon Mexico / Twitter)
According to accounts of the spoilers, members of the fourth batch of “Exatlón México” will return in the “Exatlón Cup” (Photo: Exatlón México / Twitter)

When I threw the last ball I felt at peace and really wanted to see my family againAlvarez, who has won two seasons from Axelon Mexico (2019-2020 and 2020-2021), as well Exathlon Cup 2020. He added that due to his long career in this competition, he had experienced both positive and negative moments.

“This is how XathlonYou live in stages: You started very well, then strangers, then okay. On Christmas and on my birthday, I had a really bad time, imagine, two birthdays here, two birthday, two new years.The so-called “golden champ” was announced in the morning show, life is moving on too fast.

In this regard, Matti Alvarez explained how her development within the program has been: “I feel very competitive, I feel that when I focus, I focus and when I compete, I go out to win and I like to win, but this season I also enjoyed the players more. Classmates and awards, I didn’t take it as seriously as in my third season, I felt better. You have achieved more victories. “

Although he said he would not return to the physical challenge program, spoilers' accounts confirmed Matti Alvarez's participation in the next installment of "Exathlon Cup" (Image: Twitter / matiarchive)
Although he has said he will not be returning to Physical Challenges, spoilers accounts have confirmed Matti Alvarez’s participation in the next “Exatlón Cup” (Image: Twitter / matiarchive)

“What I bring out is personal growth, knowing you can do more than you can imagine. There were days when I didn’t want to wake up but always found that strength, and that’s why, keep going,” the athlete concluded. To participate in the next edition of Exathlon CupAnd the Matti Alvarez will have the opportunity to become a four-time champion on the sports reality show.

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