Honduras places the “victims” sign in front of the United States

Honduras places the “victims” sign in front of the United States

Guadalajara, Gal. /

Without turning around, Miguel Valero, the Honduran U-23 coach, has agreed that the United States has the candidate mark in the pre-Olympic CONCACAF semi-finals, so it is expected that North America will not miss the date in the tournament. The tournament final.

“We got a little used to it, since they did it already with all the teams in the series, knowing their strength, we were always competitors, a team like this, we treat like all matches, get the result, although we were not given as candidates, we think. We can have a good match, with knowledge and information the opponent can get more numbers, but in the field they are 11 against 11 and my children will give the maximum, “the strategic analyst said before tomorrow’s match Sunday.

On the other hand, the coach indicated that he still has to analyze the last game of the Americans in order to determine who will be the substitute for Corvin Ariaga, the man who gives Honduras balance in midfield and who will not be able to. To play because of the accumulation of cards .. yellow

“These two people (Joseph Rosales or Jonathan Nunez) will not leave, we are watching them how they hire the jobs, we are still not training, first we will see a summary of the United States and from there we go to the field, there we will decide, which one can do it well.”

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