Hornillos and Paltanas raise €2,000 for Uganda in solidarity march

Hornillos and Paltanas raise €2,000 for Uganda in solidarity march

Manos Unidas is in its 22nd edition with outstanding participation

Within the framework of the Baltanas Cultural Summer and the Hornillos de Serrato Summer Events, the traditional solidarity march that unites the two cities took place on Saturday, bringing it to its twenty-second edition. Dozens of pedestrians from different cities in the region participated in the event, most of whom wore colorful yellow T-shirts commemorating the march, which included the slogan of the current campaign against hunger ‘Indifference dooms them to oblivion’. The march originated from several volunteers from Manos Unidas and since its inception has had the support of the Baltanasiega Youth Cultural Association and many neighbors associated with the world of sports, such as Tinín Atienza.

In this sense, the organization has always had the support of the municipal councils of Baltanas and Hornillos de Serrato, which was added to the cooperation of the Voltanas Civil Protection Group, which coordinated the entire trip perfectly. The tour was carried out along the paths joining the two towns in Serrata, which allowed pedestrians to enjoy the different landscapes.

The joint action of neighbors and collaborators allowed the march to be a celebration of solidarity, where sporting values ​​intertwine with a good cause. “We are very satisfied with the result of March, which is already a must in Cerrato’s cultural summer. Each time we get more support and new people join the organization, which reflects Cerrateños’ interest in this kind of initiative,” said Tenin Atenza, in charge of the activities. Athlete Manos Unidas in Paltanas, who expressed special thanks to the participants for their exemplary behaviour, we would love for children and young people to enjoy the atmosphere we experience every year at this special Tadamon event. .

As in recent editions, the city council of Hornillos de Serrato served as the perfect host, providing an initial supply to all participants, who gathered the strength to begin the journey. The solidarity walk started from the old Hornillos de Serrato schools, 7 km long, until it reached La Carolina Park, where a solidarity action was held. Outdoors, walkers read the Manifesto Against Hunger by Manos Unidas and pleaded the need for a fairer, more supportive world.

Tribute to Carlos Curiel, loyal collaborator of the march

The volunteer group of Manos Unidas in Paltanas received special recognition for Carlos Corel Vumpelida, a loyal collaborator at the Solidarity Walk and other events organized during the year. For this reason, a sentimental work was held in the Parque de La Carolina, where Carlos Curiel received a painting from his wife, Natividad Cabezodo. For his part, Rodrigo Vampilida dedicated a few words to Carlos, who thanked him in a special way for his dedication and generosity. “It is necessary to have people like you in our cities, who by their simplicity and discretion make another world possible. With this simple tribute, we want to pay tribute to your dedication, particularly in coordinating the provision of the rally that joins Hornillos and Baltanás. Thank you for your generosity and support,” Rodrigo Vumpilida commented during the warm tribute. For his part, the honoree received the shield with affection and thanked the whole town for this honor.

As in previous years, the initiative had the support and cooperation of various companies and institutions in the county, to highlight the products donated by Coca-Cola. “Thanks to the cooperation of the various companies, we can offer all the marchers a refreshment halfway to their recovery. In addition, at the end of the march, all the neighbors celebrate the festival of solidarity, and share our best,” commented Natividad Cabezudo, delegate of Manos Unidas in Baltanas.

Complementing the 2010 initiative, several neighbors hosted a solidarity banquet, thus joining the cause with a lively evening of songs and poetry.

Thanks to the Hornillos-Baltanás Solidarity Walk, the NGO Manos Unidas raised more than 2,000 euros, a number that will increase in the coming days thanks to the contributions of grade 0. All donations collected in the various activities carried out during the year are dedicated to a project to improve agricultural food security in 30 A village in Sakaldeha and Shahania complexes, Chandaoli district, east Uttar Pradesh, one of the poorest states in India.

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