How the United States will strategically support women’s soccer in Colombia | the answers

How the United States will strategically support women’s soccer in Colombia |  the answers

for 2022 was definitely the year of women’s football, as America de Cali crowned the championship, the South American U-17 and U-20, the Copa América held for the first time in the country, good participation in the Copa Conmebol Libertadores and the World Youth Championship with a very good performance .

Likewise, after receiving a well-deserved tribute to Colombian footballers for what they have achieved this year, the United States Embassy in Colombia has now joined the celebrations and given them another recognition, with the same ambassador reporting on a plan of support for women’s national football. .

What support will the United States give to the Colombian national team?

The event was held at the United States Embassy, ​​where the women’s soccer team, in conjunction with the Ministry of Sports, detailed some of the mechanisms to strengthen discipline in Colombia, so much so that together with Maria Isabel Urrutia, Minister of Sports, they will provide financial assistance to create a sustainable and profitable association.

Similarly, Francisco Palmieri, the US ambassador to Colombia, spoke about it and said: “In the United States, we are not only sports fans, but we believe in the power of sport and the lessons it provides for life. Through sports, young people can learn not only tactics but learn discipline and perseverance. Colombia is at the top of the world with two women’s teams that have shown they are limitless.”

So he ended by noting that the United States would be supportive: “Thanks to the two teams, new spaces can be created so that women can continue to grow and fulfill the dream of the whole country. This is how they turn their backs on criminality. With all these achievements you reap comes a huge responsibility because you are responsible for showing that there are alternatives through sport to generate a future better “.

The United States gave the opportunity to projects for the benefit of women players and Colombia football, Ramon Jesorin, president of the Colombian Football Federation, said: “It’s an honor that a country that offers the best women’s football, like the United States, wants to recognize us, and that’s something we will always remember.”

How will the United States strategically support women’s soccer in Colombia

Greetings to the U-17 Women’s Football Team

In order to recognize their achievements, sacrifices, and perseverance as professional athletes, President Gustavo Petro gave each of the twenty-one team members a value of 25 million pesos, for a grand total of 525 million pesos; Also with an economic benefit of 12.5 million for Technical Director Carlos Paniagua.

“We as athletes are so grateful that you support us every day, that you give women the value they deserve, because Colombian women are so talented (…) and we hope to continue making history in this sport,” Striker Gabriela Rodriguez said.

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