Why the United States can cancel the visa exemption for Chile: what are the consequences

Why the United States can cancel the visa exemption for Chile: what are the consequences

The Visa Waiver (WVP, for its English acronym) is part of a program where the United States grants citizens of some countries a “temporary visa” for a period of 90 days.Whether it is for tourism or business purposes, without having to apply for a visa, it is a very stressful process.

One of the countries with this advantage is Chile, whose citizens can choose this program since 2014 to go to the North American country for a maximum of three months.something that could change if the United States cancels the agreement.

Why can the United States cancel the visa waiver for Chile?

Since the attack on the United States in 2001, the security aspect has been advancing year by year and has become more strict on the arrival of citizens from other countries. That is why they come to agreements, as in the above program. The United States can cancel the visa exemption for Chile due to lack of judicial information from the Chilean police of the United States.

What consequences will it have?

Herald MunozShe was foreign minister in Michelle Bachelet’s last government.It is a program that allows you to visit the United States without an interview process, and it is a kind of fast-track to visa approval for tourists, people from the business worlda broad spectrum of people visiting the United States.

There are 40 countries around the world that have this visa. The problem is sharing information about people who have committed crimes to prevent it from being used by individuals who will commit crimes in the United States. These reviews have been done before. We hope it will be resolved, it is a guarantee that we will not lose“, he added.

In the event that Chile ceases to be part of the visa waiver, it will be necessary to go a long way to apply for the visa, as those traveling for tourism and business will be affected. For the same reason, from the United States they submitted until December to improve the quality of the delivery of police information.

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