Jorge Pacheco Baca migrates to college football in the United States

Jorge Pacheco Baca migrates to college football in the United States

Chihuahuan footballer Jorge Pacheco Baca will face a new adventure when he emigrates to the United States to join, along with continuing his academic studies, with St. Thomas University’s tertiary student football team, in a new concept in his sport. Football history.

He started his athletic training in this capital city since he was four years old at Cruz Azul Football School and soon received a training promotion which took him to new sporting heights, joining Gallos Premier School in Querétaro where he played the sub10 national class.

Then, in a second stage, he arrived as an important component of the core forces of the Toluca Club at the age of 11, an institution in which he participated in several tournaments, becoming a representative youth team of the Crimson team of sub-13 division.

The player born in this capital and with his roots from Jimenez must work hard to earn a place in the eleven starting school, and be taken into account to watch the events in the various tournaments in which this representative team participates, even though he has already participated in the current number 9 Who will wear his uniform.


Name: Jorge Pacheco Baca

Birthdate: January 16, 2003

Birthplace: Chihuahua, Chi.

Age: 19 years old

Weight: 71 kg

Height: 1.76 meters

Sports: football football

Position: forward

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