Mexico and the United States agree on climate change

Mexico and the United States agree on climate change

The meeting of the White House Special Envoy held, John Kerrywith the head MexicoAnd the Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador For actions that seek to stop climate change.

He was the foreign minister Marcelo Ebrardwho announced the details of the meeting, in addition to the total measures that the two governments will implement to seek to stop climate change.

He pointed out that problem To be able to finance the aforementioned actions against the emission of greenhouse gases. Global WarmingBecause there is no proportion between those who generate them and those who can resent these actions.

Marcelo Ebrard He noted that the world’s richest countries have already generated nearly half or more of their greenhouse gas emissions Global Warmingbeing one of the most serious impacts that occurred to only 17 countries in Africa.

He pointed out that a investment It is important for developed countries to contribute more financial capital than the harmful effects of environment.

Ebrard stated that both governments, Mexico s United Stateto an agreement on goals, as the United States contemplates a Finance to fight climate change.

What actions are envisaged?

They pointed out thatfor 2030 Both countries hope to make half of the cars electric, as well as reduce them methane emissions; It is possible to reduce consumption of coal and fossil fuels.

Officials agreed that both governments committed 100% in obstetrics clean energies Putting an end to the current environmental degradation.

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