Mundo Único seeks to increase its presence in the United States

Mundo Único seeks to increase its presence in the United States
Andres Delgado, General Manager, Mundo Único. Photo: courtesy Mundo Único.

Colombian brand of men’s underwear Mundo Único, created in 1996, It seeks to continue to establish itself at the international level, with a focus on the United States and Mexico.

In an interview with Valora Analitik, Andrés Delgado, CEO of the company, She talked about the main challenges of 2023 and how the company will face them.

2022 was a positive year for Mundo Único, we achieved 21% growth over the previous year. We managed to settle into the top 10 in the Colombian men’s underwear category,” Delgado said.

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Despite the difficulties associated with the macroeconomic environment, Mundo Único is confident in the solidity of its brand and, in this sense, has already set important internationalization goals for this year.

The brand is currently in use United States (USA), Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Chile, Spain, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, EnglandSwitzerland, El Salvador, Germany, Dominican Republic, Curaçao, Bolivia, and Honduras.

But Delgado makes it clear that the goal this year is to expand, basically, in the US and Mexico markets.

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“We expect to maintain the same level of growth as in previous years, with an eye on continuation Enhancing our digital channels, as well as our brand presence nationwideThe businessman added.

One world spawns 193 direct jobs in Colombia and it is estimated that the impact on indirect jobs will be for another 2,000 people. It is important to note that the company was certified as a B Corporation in December 2022, confirming its commitment to the welfare of its employees.

One world vision regarding customs tariffs on imported clothes

In December 2022, I resolutely left the Ministry of Commerce The decree that imposed a 40% tariff on clothing imports One of the countries with which there is no free trade agreement (FTA).

In this regard, the general manager of the company confirmed that they are from Mundo Único “friends” of free competition and, in this sense, “in the trade of Global tariff barriers should not be the means to control trade flows“.

“The economic fashion sector must differentiate itself through innovation, brand building and value attribute generation, in order to be more competitive in the world, Not through factors that artificially affect pricesDelgado said.

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In his opinion, this is a variable that will affect the pocket of the Colombians, In a year when the goal is to increase consumer confidence.

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We believe that the most appropriate measures should focus on Fighting corruption and smugglingand they are indeed the problems that affect our sector, the fabric of our business and our society.”

For this year, Mundo Único will continue to strengthen all its sectors, but hopes to give greater strength to the “little ones”, which since 2022 have been divided into two categories: children, from 4 to 10 years old; and a female student, ages 13 to 17.

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