Promoting the preservation of Uganda’s culture and heritage

Promoting the preservation of Uganda’s culture and heritage

In a parliamentary forum on culture and gender, the highest representative of the National Assembly also stated that it is necessary to make people aware of the legal provisions made in the field of cultural development.

He pointed out that laws are often enacted in the room, but the actors do not apply them, so extensive promotional work must be done in this regard with the aim of educating the public.

Both Bean and the other participants in the conclave advocated the need to create, with sufficient funds, a Ministry of Culture, which would undertake the activities and issues of the field, currently diluted in the gender portfolio and other institutions.

On her part, the Secretary-General of the Uganda National Committee of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Rose Agee said that the lack of funding “has left the culture of this country far behind”.

However, he acknowledged that Uganda has ratified three international agreements in this field, which is a force that contributes to the preservation of national heritage and the promotion of cultural tourism, the media reported.

Delegates present at the forum, such as Barbara Kaputera, Executive Director of the Cross Culture Foundation Uganda, also called for indigenous knowledge about the history and culture of the nation to be included in educational programs for this region.

They agreed that such work would promote on a social scale the promotion of the values ​​of ancestral tribes and minority cultures, along with the artworks of contemporary creators, among other benefits.


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