Nigella’s micro-wa-vé and the return of “BBC dad”: The strangest TV moments of 2020 | the television

Nigella’s micro-wa-vé and the return of “BBC dad”: The strangest TV moments of 2020 |  the television

It has been Public. You might not want to look at it, but for all the sadness, there were a bunch of silly, bewildering, and downright British TV moments as well.

There was a moment Emily Metlis’ legs mysteriously disappeared At the start of the Newsnight program, Naga Munchetty nearly lost him after he asked Charlie Stayt When he saw a beaver last time (It was presenting an item as an endangered species.) Then there was a point when, while presenting the Brit Awards, Jack Whitehall rudely asked Harry Styles whether the woman sitting next to him was his date, only to answer that, in fact, His sister.

With millions of us confined to our homes and the world of TV turned into endless Zoom calls, things were bound to go wrong. Here are 10 times when I really did.

10. The most famous interruption of the year

Two of the most memorable moments occurred on the same day on different news channels. Interview with Dr. Claire Winham about the local lockdown on BBC The News Channel gladly took off the rails while her daughter Scarlett kept boycotting her to ask which shelf would be better for her unicorn display.

“I think he’s the best on the bottom shelf,” the presenter helpful added after Scarlett gladly entered the action.

Just an hour later on Sky News, foreign affairs editor Deborah Hines was providing a diplomatic news update from her study, only for her son to intervene to ask if he could get two biscuits. “Yes, you can have two biscuits,” Haynes replied before the camera shuts off the studio.

Many viewers were impressed with her son’s subtle negotiations. “I can confirm that his high-stakes negotiating skills earned him two chocolates,” Heinz He later tweeted. You could say that she was careful not to repeat such a negotiation again. The following week, viewers noticed a small but noticeable barrier Has been set up in front of the door.

9. The best slip of the tongue

If you are a news or weather anchor, your biggest fear is often to mix up your words and thus point out something you shouldn’t be doing.

Newsnight’s Emily Metlis, former Labor Home Secretary Alan Johnson, introducedfrom the hellInstead of where he was actually … Hal. Then there was Matthew Amerliwala from BBC News who said so Margaret Thatcher had just tweeted Her reaction to Joe Biden winning the US presidency, instead of Theresa May.

The most notable misstep this year came from Carol Kirkwood, whose head mixed with “running” and “dog walker” while reporting on breakfast weather on the BBC from Greenwich Park, so she accidentally told viewers from her position that she was surrounded by “Lots of dogs“.

8. The strangest dance moves

The shutdown forced TV channels to collect some reflective programs. Derrick Evans (AKA Motivation mr) Doing a series of exercises to inspire us to keep moving around the house. Why surreal? Well, it included some of his moves We’ll be spying in the next door, “we’ll call the police because they’re going out for the third time” and something calledHorse skinWhich left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Then there was Evans’ chemistry on screen with television legend Angela Ripon, another of the show’s contributors. She often performed silly, sometimes quite contradictory, dances in Bottom right Screen angle. “I’ve been sitting up making moves, but I’m telling you, baby, if I stand up I can show you extra moves as well,” Ripon rudely told Evans during a follow-up interview.

Evans responded by stating a strikingly similar line to Ribbon. At that point, a confused Michelle Ackerley pointed to her co-presenter and said, “Are we … are we leaving?”

7. Bread is the worst insurance

The Great British Bake Off was a big break this year. Alison Hammond thought the doors of her oven were gone, when in fact they were retractable, on the Celebrity Series of the show, they were definitely comfortable during the first shutdown.

However, for all the times Bake Off was on the air, nothing was said like the following sentence: “Lottie’s skull will transform from coconut and lime into a gorgeous bust of Luis Theroux.”

The premiere is for the 2020 season, when bakers had to bake 3D bust of their favorite celebrities, He didn’t exactly go to plan. Freddie Mercury Laura looked like the man from Pringles canTom DeLong of Dave’s Blink 182 looked like someone Son-in-law of the Nazis From the end of the Indiana Jones movie. Then there was Mark’s portrayal of David Bowie.

“Ziggy Stardust will be instantly recognizable, just because of the colors,” Prue Leith responded enthusiastically when told he would bake it. Looking at how this happened, I think it’s fair to say that Prue was … not right.

Ziggy Cake by Mark Elliott on Great British Bake Off. Photo: BBC

6. The strange chyron of the year

Often times you don’t need to listen to TV to find out what’s going on. Thanks to the words displayed on Chyron, you can see what was playing while your TV was on.

According to Chyrons alone, discussions this year about ITV’s flagship chat show, “Loose Women” have includedWe’re having a menstrual party!“;”Are you ready for robots?“;”Would you buy a “designer stool bag?”“;”Is screaming good for you?(Short answer: yes); andHow Will be Ferret wear boob tube?

Meanwhile, in the new This Morning Social Distant program, you can watch things like ‘Penguins can shoot their 4.5-foot tube“,”Things you should not put in your vagina“,”Have you been called “Karen”“?” And something disturbing is called “James Martin Sausage Festival. “

The Chyrons have sometimes gone rogue this year. Jeremy Vine On Channel 5, he decided to broadcast an excerpt from an interview that Matt Hancock gave to LBC. Channel 5’s chyron was placed in front of LBC, but since the last chyron was slightly longer, the last four characters of the Hancock title were clearly visible.

5. General fire

Moving the TV world to Zoom would have always encountered some hurdles.

The most disastrous broadcast came from this morning, when chef John Turod accidentally set fire to his tea towels while trying to make a McDonald’s-style McMuffin in his own kitchen. Due to a delay of several seconds at the end of Torode, Philip Schofield’s calm and reassuring words “TEA TOWEL’S ON FIRE, JOHN !! YOU ARE ON FIRE, JON !!!” Torode did not hear them for several seconds. After all, making McMuffin from home seemed pretty difficult.

4. Microwave nigella

A late, but great, entry to this list comes from Nigella On BBC2, where it was in the middle of the recipe, it placed its ingredients in what it referred to as “micro-wa-v”.

Twitter was in small parts. BBC translation file added Exclamation mark When the words micro-wa-vé appeared on the screen, it was as if the subtranslator writing them was spending time of their lives. The next day, Nigella reminded everyone on Twitter that she had said so As a jokeShortly before he retweeted a meme, indicating that IKEA was now selling meekrø wahvés.

3. The strangest end to an interview

Thanks to Zoom, there were also some pretty weird interview finishes. Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown decided that the best way to end his interview with BBC Breakfast was to simply close the lid of his laptop. “Well, that’s over,” Charlie State replied, seated next to an equally confused Naga Munchetty.

But the strangest ending of the interview was between Vivienne Westwood and Victoria Derbyshire on BBC News. Earlier that day, Westwood was protesting the extradition of Julian Assange from the UK, by suspending herself several feet in the air outside of Old Bailey, in a human-sized bird cage (as you do).

Derbyshire surrounded Westwood in her defense of Assange, but Westwood had nothing: “All media … they’re idiots, like these washed-up, brainwashed,” Westwood said, with a camera dangerously close to her face. “And you are one of them.”

Derbyshire thought it might have been wise to finish the interview at this point. Meanwhile, without warning, Westwood began shouting, “Get me out of the cage!” Because it was fading away, making it look like it fell into a hole. “Get me out of the cage, I think it was her last words,” Derbyshire quietly repeated in front of the camera, before moving on to the next item.

2. The best single line

Sticking to Victoria Derbyshire, you summed up the mood of the nation perfectly in one cool font while reporting the cancellation of the summer solstice in Stonehenge. After she said it would be broadcast online instead, she said in slight indignation: “Or you can … just wake up and look at the sky for yourself.”

Simon McCoy tried to compete while reporting on a metro train colliding with a whale tail sculpt (thankfully, no injuries). After completing his report, he continued by saying that the news photos had been provided by “Dutch Whaleways”.

However, Celebrity Mastermind’s Most Popular Person of the Year came from. Injured actor Amanda Henderson was asked by John Humphries: “The book 2019 titled Nobody Is Too Small to Make a Difference is a collection of speeches by a Swedish climate change activist. What’s her name?”

Puzzled, Henderson answered, “Sharon?”

Naturally, Greta Thunberg later changed her name to Sharon on Twitter, greeting.

1. Best meeting of the year

The greatest television moment of 2017 was a BBC World News interview with political analyst Robert Kelly that came out delightfully when his two children, one of them in a baby walker, invaded the room, only It was pulled out Shortly thereafter.

At the end of March, when the first lockdown began taking hold of much of the world, our favorite family returned to the same channel to talk to us reassuringly about how to handle home life.

Inevitably, that interview was off the rails, too. One of their children scraped her father’s hair while trying to answer a question, while the other got bored very easily and went to get a game console, before returning and slapping his body again in the bed.

Moderate mess, home life. Nothing summed up the year better.

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