North Korea has described the UN human rights rapporteur as a “puppet of the United States.”

North Korea has described the UN human rights rapporteur as a “puppet of the United States.”

North Korea on Friday called the country’s top UN human rights expert a “puppet” of the United States and He warned that he would not tolerate a plot directed by Washington To use this cause to overthrow their political system.

Pyongyang is extremely sensitive to any foreign criticism of its human rights record. He sees it as an attempt to discredit and expose the authoritarian government of the country of 26 million people, most of whom have limited access to foreign news.

His latest reaction coincides with the first visit by Elizabeth Salmon, the United Nations special rapporteur for human rights in the North, to South Korea this week to meet officials, activists and defectors since her appointment last month.

In his first statement , Salmon noted that North Koreans are facing “new and more serious difficulties” due to the severe restrictions related to the coronavirus epidemic., adding to decades of abuse, something he said should not be ignored. In addition, she was convinced of the need to mobilize international solidarity more decisively to protect human rights in the closed country.

An unnamed North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman criticized the expert in a statement on Friday without directly mentioning her.

The memo accused Salmon of displaying “ignorance and biased vision” and He criticized her for making “reckless and unforgivable statements that invade our system that does not violate our sovereign rights.” during his visit to the neighboring country.

The statement also accused Washington of being behind Salmon, saying, “We know very well that the United States is extending its tentacles on his back.”

The note: “The ‘human rights’ fraud of the United States and other hostile forces has nothing to do with a real guarantee of human rights and is nothing more than the most politicized, hostile way to tarnish the honorable image of (North Korea)”. advertiser.

“(North Korea) will never forgive the fraudulent ‘human rights’ of the United States and its affiliated forces…which aim to overturn its social order.”he added.

The North Korean Ministry reiterated its position not to recognize or deal with any United Nations special envoy on their human rights. Salmon’s ancestors have been denied entry to the country, something that observers say has hampered outside attempts to find more independent and reliable information about rights abuses.

In a new report distributed on Thursday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that North Korea has further suppressed the rights and freedoms of its residents And that the Foundation’s Security Council should consider referring the situation to the International Criminal Court for possible crimes against humanity.

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