UCAM sends health professionals and materials to Uganda

UCAM sends health professionals and materials to Uganda

Europe Press. – Chests full of hopefull Getting out of Campus of the Catholic University of Murcia To Uganda with the mission set up by Nurses Manuel Pardo, Vice Dean, Degree in Podiatry at the University of California, Giulio Fenzi, Dr. Asunción Quirant, Professors at the Catholic University of Murcia, Manuel Luc, President of the NGO Worldproject, Daphne Granado, Physiotherapist, Yasel Barra, MD, and emergency health technicians Ruben Gabarone and Gustavo Lopez, who will develop several weeks with the NGO Worldproject humanitarian work.

The Catholic University of Murcia, an institution that promotes and cooperates with solidarity work in different parts of the world, helped to fund part of the work and equipment for a new clinic providing free health care to the residents of Kikaya district (Uganda). Even there they will move Medical Equipment They will transfer exercise For the local team in various diseases and urgent and emergency procedures. This year’s training will focus on sutures, splinting, performing and interpreting electricity, ultrasound and assisted delivery, as it is in this area high birth rate and one High perinatal mortality of mothers and children.

In the International cooperation Last year in Kikaia they equipped an ambulance, an emergency clinic and trained health personnel, a place where they were already able to get a stable team with a doctor, two nurses and midwife. In addition, during their stay, they treated in their homes and transferred to the clinic and hospitals patients who, due to their health or age, could not go to a hospital. care center.

Manuel Luke, President of the NGO Worldproject, expressed his satisfaction with the project because “The training to be offered to professionals in Uganda would be impossible without this expedition. The fact that these UCAM professors are on the ground is of incalculable value as their effects have an impact. Effect More durable since after leaving, patients in the community continue to benefit from the knowledge gained by health workers in the area.” For his part, Manuel Pardo stressed the importance of the Catholic University facilitating and promoting this type of initiative. “Being a professor at UCAM is much more than just teaching or publishing a scholarly article. It is also important to promote our knowledge and our knowledge outside the university Value Help others “.

On this expedition, Pardo explains, “This work has two parts. On the one hand, we will consult with colleagues there to tell them what our approach will be in each case. Exchange of experiences. On the other hand, we will organize by blocks Informational workshops and some theoretical chapters including clinical simulation.

Asun Quirante, a professor at UCAM, has already done this Uganda In 2021 and I repeat this year because it is “something I have always wanted to do. The experience was very good with both the clinic staff and the residents there and that is why I decided to come back to continue this project.” In addition, he emphasized that “we will continue material saving To the clinic being created there. We are very excited to see the progress they are making because when we arrived we started from scratch in terms of materials and training and we want them to tell us how the year has gone and what they need in terms of training and equipment.

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