The United States and Cuba will play in the U-15 Baseball World Cup Final

The United States and Cuba will play in the U-15 Baseball World Cup Final

Hermosillo, Sonora (José Luis Sebaga/North Stand).- The United States and Cuba met on Saturday, and although the Americans won, they will meet again on Sunday at the Sonora Arena, but this time, not only for revenge on the Caribbean, but also for the under-15 world title. .

The two teams met on Saturday on the same stage, and although the Americans won by knockout 11-1, the Cubans will try to make history different this Sunday, at 5:00 p.m., in the first-place game in the U-15. Baseball World Cup held in Hermosillo.

In Saturday’s duel, the Americans and Cubans kept the board motionless in the first three rounds, until at the bottom of the same third ring the Americans drew their first streak with a double hit by Andrew Costello scored by James Tronstein.

The Cubans’ response was immediate, with Maicol Daniel Rodriguez equalizing the score by taking advantage of the “unruly field” of novice Jack McKiernan, who would leave the match after throwing one hit, one round, five bases, and two hits.

However, the US showed its entire offensive arsenal with a seven-stroke rally at the end of the fourth round, which blew up first base captain Yosel Menendez, who was charged with the disaster, who received in three rounds and third four hits, four runs, and gave three passports and two chocolates .

The first line of Chapter Four was drawn by John Short led by Alex Harrington, who was to be led by Grady Emerson on his turf; Immediately, Costello had a home shot to take Tronstein ahead.

Brady Ebel still scored on Ryan Mitchell’s RBI single, and Ethan Holiday would close the account by ringing in the fourth inning, with a Jon Short double.

In the sixth act, the United States rang three times to win by knockout after a ten-game difference over the Cuban ninth, in a duel in which loyalist Joshua Woodworth was the winning bowler, who in one inning and third hit two. And three rules.

In other results of the Super League, Japan beat Puerto Rico 9-1, while Chinese Taipei beat Panama 5-4, thus the Asians will play a duel for third place in the World Cup event.

The three Sonorans team up for seventh in Mexico

Mexico defeated Colombia 11-7 to secure seventh place in the U-15 Baseball World Cup, in a game held on Saturday at Hector Espino Stadium guided by the two innings scored by Justin Canizales and Sergio Carlos Contreras of Sonora. Hermosillo.

Another player from Sonora featured in the same duel, Kevin Orozco, who along with Canizales and Contreras formed the Mexican team; The bowler worked comfortably for a third of the third inning, hitting one and walking one.

Mexico secured a five-game win in the fifth round, responding to a four-round Colombian Rally in the third; The duel was won by Jorge Guzman, and the defeated bowler was Carlos Galindo.

Japan beat Puerto Rico to secure third place in the tournament. Images: WBSC

Saturday 3 September results

Czech Republic 10-0 South Africa

Japan 9-1 Puerto Rico

Chinese Taipei 5-4 Panama

Mexico 7-11 Colombia

United States 11-1 Cuba

Super round parking

equipment G-P.
United State 4-1
Cuba 4-1
Japan 3 – 2
Chinese Taipei 3 – 2
Puerto Rico 1-4
Panama 0-5
Panama lost its five matches corresponding to the Super League.

Sunday 4 September matches

hour game stadium
11:00 Japan vs Chinese Taipei It seems
Fifth evening The United States vs Cuba It seems

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