Live Mexico’s Independence Day in the USA

Live Mexico’s Independence Day in the USA

Leon, Guanajuato. – Coming national holidays to celebrate independence day Mexico, They come close and in the USA, this is not a history to be overlooked, because there are a large handful of Mexicans living in the neighboring country to the north. in United State, There are 51 Mexican consulates that organize parades, festivals, and their own celebration of the cry of independence.

Consulates are responsible for organizing a Mexico-worthy event, with fireworks and snacks from national gastronomy, Delicious drinks, especially tequila, and mezcal, among others, events are broadcast on national television, on the news and / or main programs in cities where Spanish hosts and journalists speak.

In the United States of America there are several perfect places and destinations to spend a good time on this special day, and here we share them with you:

The little village, in Chicago, The tradition is to celebrate with a parade of more than 100,000 people.

Courtesy: Choose Chicago

in Georgia The celebration is held in Atlanta Party Plaza, There is music, dancers, Mexican dancers and many fun activities, to provoke the outrageous laughter so typical of laughing Mexicans.

in Texas Events are organized in Lone Star Park in Arlington, On the Dallas Fort Worth Great Plaza, in McAllen A party was held in the city’s convention center and in Austin This is done at the Capitol Grounds.

in California Independence cry celebration Rancho Las Flores Park in San Bernardino In downtown Santa Ana.

Courtesy: California Excelsior

in a city New York An amazing wrestling event is presented in Madison Square Garden. Mexicans are fanatics of great shows, young and old arrive on time to admire an event that is the tradition, culture and heritage of the Mexican country, which is why, in New York, Mexico’s Independence Day is lived with enthusiasm and passion.

Courtesy of: Eduardo López / AS Mexico – Diario AS

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Las vigas It is an ideal destination highly chosen by Mexicans to celebrate this special day of their country, so many decide to travel to Foreigner on national histories. Despite the fact that in Las Vegas there is no large community of citizens like other cities in the United States, even with this Mexico’s Independence Day is a cause for great celebration. The cheerful It does not stop, all night long there is a variety and multiple Cultural and recreational activities.

There are many options to choose from to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day, for those who live in the North American country, Or for those who decided to visit US soil during September 15-16 this year. Lots of celebration and fun for everyone who will scream for independence Republic of Mexico a 212 years of celebration.

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