The United States University has summoned a missionary for joint research work – Economies

The United States University has summoned a missionary for joint research work – Economies

From the Department of Education Research at Virginia Tech, Virginia State University in the US, they contacted a Misiones teacher to conduct comparative research work on cutting-edge concepts in education at an international level.

Research work will be developed on comparative case studies of the educational field in charge of physicians in education at Virginia Tech and Professor Andrés Villalba in Misiones, Argentina.

By sharing the experiences Villalba has led for universities in the United States, ministries of education in some states and associations of language professionals from different parts of the world, the Virginia Tech research team invited Professor Misiones to work together with the goal of describing the impact of new strategies in the process not only in teaching and learning, But also in managing educational centers in different contexts.

In Villalba’s first virtual meeting with Virginia Tech, topics to be investigated were identified that focus primarily on the concepts of “bricolage”, “metis” and “terroir”, which are intrinsically linked to Villalba’s interest in the Sustainable Development Goals applied to education.

“Bricolage” is an emerging term that arises from the relationship between tools, strategies, capital and human resources of educational centers where “knowledge” by actors is not enough to improve the quality of education and this is where their role comes in. The stake is cunning, intelligence, the ability to deal with problems as little as possible or as much as is within the reach of each actor.

Andrés Villalba is a University Professor with a degree in English and is currently pursuing a PhD in Sustainable Development and Integration at Gastón Dachary University. Since 2006, he has been interested in innovation in education and therefore shares his experiences in teacher training courses to also learn from the reality of his colleagues.

One of the problems that will be analyzed in the joint work will be the need to integrate the concepts of sustainability and sustainability. These concepts are usually treated as synonyms but in reality they are very different and generally relate only to the environmental and economic axes, leaving behind the social axis where education is located, the epicenter of cultural change and care.

Virginia Tech is one of the most prestigious modern universities and is currently working to raise its hierarchical level in the field of research. This is the reason why they contact Villalba, since it is the international and advanced bonding jobs that award the most credits to universities in the United States.

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