Reality Quest Chapter 82 Official Release Date, Where to Watch, Spoiler


Reality Quest has proven itself to be a captivating narrative set in the world of gaming, making it a much-anticipated comic among gaming enthusiasts and manga readers alike. Its fascinating protagonist, Dowan Ha, finds himself amid a challenging situation that only a gamer could appreciate. Harassed by bullies for rare in-game items, Dowan is threatened with physical humiliation in front of a girl he likes if he fails to produce a highly elusive item. The relentless pursuit of this item leads to Dowan’s tragic demise due to sheer exhaustion.

However, the narrative takes a thrilling twist when Dowan reappears in his classroom, one week before his death, possessing all the gaming skills he’s acquired. Armed with this newfound power, Dowan aims to overthrow the bullies that once oppressed him.

Reality Quest Chapter 82 Release Date

In Korea, Chapter 82 of Reality Quest is set to launch on May 18, 2023. Depending on your geographical location and time zone, this release date may vary between May 17 and May 18.

What Happened in Reality Quest Chapter 81

As we prepare for the release of this new chapter, let’s take a moment to delve into the gripping events of Chapter 81.

In the opening sequence, Kim Ho-Seong encounters an unidentified individual at Nahyang’s hideout. The enigmatic stranger questions Seong’s fear, only to receive an unflinching denial. Revealing that their plan is in motion, the stranger acknowledges Seong’s decision to betray the bully council. When questioned about remorse over his betrayal, Seong’s response is resolute.

He confesses his disdain for the bully council’s exploitation of resources and profits under the guise of order and affirms his determination to dismantle the council, thereby restoring freedom.

Concurrently, Do-Wan and Eun-Seong venture to Nahyang’s hideout, expecting to encounter Nahyang’s members. However, the duo is met with an unsettling sight: an abandoned hideout, devoid of life, with scattered equipment strewn across the floor. It becomes evident that Nahyang has relocated its base. Undeterred, Don Wan instructs Eun-Seong to persist in the pursuit of Nahyang-Dong, given its continued association with the Gwanak-Gu bully council. This triggers the initiation of a quest or mission.

Meanwhile, Shin Jae-Min and Yook Man-Chun are covertly observing a group affiliated with the Gwank-Gu Bully Council. The narrative cleverly switches back to an earlier scene where Do-Wan exposes Nakseongdae as a traitor. Nakseongdae-Dong is revealed to run a small loan business that primarily targets teenagers, employing unethical practices of enforcing loans and charging exorbitant interest rates.

In the midst of this, Eun-Seong meets Hui-soo, who discloses that during the previous night’s attack on Nahyang-Dong’s hideout, another segment of the Gwanak-Gu bully council was targeted. This segment was precisely chosen for its vulnerability due to the absence of its current representative. Hui-soo further reveals the source of Stephen’s considerable power to be his rage.

As Shin Jae-Min and Yook Man-Chun spy on the Gwank-Gu Bully Council affiliate led by Stephen, their presence does not go unnoticed. Stephen confronts them, asking about the loan they need. Do-Wan makes a jesting appearance, responding with a measly sum of 200 won. Chapter 81 culminates in the introduction of a new quest: “Cash and Rush.”

Reality Quest Season 82 Spoiler

While there are no official hints as to the developments of Chapter 82, fans can anticipate the story to continue from the cliffhanger ending of Chapter 81. It remains uncertain whether Do-Wan will succeed in securing a loan from Stephen or face unforeseen obstacles. The persistent issue of traitors within the Bully Council organization is also a significant concern, and Do-Wan and Eun-Seong might continue their efforts to uncover their identities.

Intriguingly, Kim Ho-Seong’s alliance with an unidentified individual aiming to topple the Bully Council adds an element of mystery to the plot. Fans are eagerly awaiting the unraveling of this enigmatic character and his intentions.

Reality Quest Season 82: Where to Read

Reality Quest Chapter 82 can be accessed on multiple platforms such as WebToon, Tapas Media, and Naver Series, offering a multitude of comics for readers. Some of the chapters are even available for free reading!

As we approach the release of Reality Quest Chapter 82, the anticipation is palpable. With an intense confrontation between Do-Wan and Stephen looming in the “Cash and Rush” quest, fans are eager to witness the unfolding action and suspense. Furthermore, the curiosity surrounding the traitors in the Bully Council and Kim Ho-Seong’s role in the proposed takedown of the council adds to the intrigue.


Remember, the chapter will be released on May 18, 2023. For those fluent in Korean, the chapter can be accessed in its original form on Naver Webtoon and Naver Series. However, those requiring English translations might have to display a little patience. Stay tuned for an adrenaline-charged continuation of Reality Quest!


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