Sports Betting, Online Poker or Casino: Which Game Pays More?


It’s a good question with an answer that is not simple. We can limit ourselves to the rate of redistribution and provide a purely mathematical answer. However, we can think of other parameters such as the type of games, the level of the bets, the regularity, and it must be said, we can also talk about the player’s talent and the luck factor… Talking about “winning more”, is it on average over a jackpot, over a season?

The Luck Factor: Poker 1 – 0 Casino

Let’s start with one of the most difficult factors to control luck. A poker player will tell you that it’s not luck that counts, it’s how you use the cards that makes the difference.

The online bettor will often talk about luck, but the pro bettor will tell you that the goal of a bettor is precisely to reduce it as much as possible with knowledge of the discipline and the choice of the right type of bets. For casino game players, we are more on the side of the rabbit’s foot.

If we can read some grotesque techniques to win at the casino, we must understand that behind the casino games, there are random number generators that run in order to guarantee players the fairness of the games. Even casinos don’t know when betting on a slot machine will trigger the jackpot. In roulette, there are many techniques, but none are reliable. The luck factor is therefore much more important in online casinos than in sports betting or online poker.

Payout rate: Poker 1 – 1 Casino

Online casinos are on average at 95% payout rate, but if we take the games independently, we can reach 97 or 98% on some slot machines. When we say 98%, it should not be understood that the player wins in 98% of cases, but that 98% of the stakes are redistributed to the casino players.

For online sports betting, we are rather around 85%. Over here you find the list of the best non Gamstop betting sites. In the UK, it is the legislation that blocks this rate, because the Online Gambling Regulatory Authority, the UKGC, thinks that it is too incentive. For poker, it is more difficult to calculate, because the online poker room takes between 3 and 4% on each hand and in addition this redistribution rate does not make sense, because in principle, only the final tables are winners. In cash game mode, it is the player who will make his own gains or losses. In the casino or online sports betting, players play against the bank or against the book. The advantage is clear and clear and it is the casinos that score a point and tie.

Winnings: Betting/ Poker 2-2 Casino

We do not get wet, but it is impossible to know in which game we can make the most money, because the weighting element is the player. In non GamStop casinos, you can win millions on progressive jackpot slots.

On online poker tournaments, there are also prize pools of several million euros. A high roller at the casino can win and lose big, just like an online poker player who will hit the tables with the big bets. For online sports betting, the maximum bet is limited in France to 50,000 euros. Imagine that a madman passes odds of 1000 to 1 with the maximum bet… It’s science fiction, but it is possible to win millions on a simple bet just as it is theoretically possible to travel in time.

Losses if we talk about gains. For a player worthy of the name, whatever his discipline, the gain is the difference between what he wins and what he loses. It is therefore impossible to decide between our two contenders for the title.

Final result: Poker 2-2 casino

In this match between poker/ online casinos, there is therefore a draw. The luck factor and the skill of the player are too important factors to highlight the amount of winnings and the rate of redistribution. The moral of this encounter is that players on online money sites should bet where they are best to try to reduce the importance of the luck factor. Practice, experience and a bit of luck are the only ingredients that make the difference in whichever game you hit the jackpot.

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