Roman Barki will continue his career in the United States

Roman Barki will continue his career in the United States

Roman Burke has not played for Borussia Dortmund for a long time and everything seems to indicate that he will emigrate to the United States.

Desperate request to immigrate

The Swiss’s era in the black and yellow bow ended last season when Eden Terzic sat him down, in one of his first changes, favoring Marwin Heitz as the new glove boss. His form started at the top in the Eredivisie, but his constant mistakes in key matches were destroying the confidence he had gained when he succeeded Roman Weidenfeller.

Unfortunately for Dortmund, Burke’s contract costs €7 million per year for the Oringra Council. And as if that wasn’t enough, he hasn’t played a game this season, not even on the bench. This means luxury that cannot be provided today considering the economic crisis derived from COVID-19.

For all that was said, Both fans and managers are desperate to release a professional who does nothing for the club, and as if that weren’t enough, keeping him is just too expensive.

Barki’s future will be in the United States

Fortunately for Borosier, in the past few hours, the American media have reported that Romain Barque is closely followed by SC St. Louis. There have even been talks between the two parties and the agreement will be officially announced soon.

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The idea is that the Munsingen-born will join the squad next summer in a transfer that will certainly not leave any money for Borussia Dortmund. The fact of freeing himself from such a high-profile contract as the goalkeeper’s contract, though, is indeed a pure profit. Finally, he was given what everyone wanted.

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