A-Kid breaks the mold and makes his US debut at NXT 2.0

A-Kid breaks the mold and makes his US debut at NXT 2.0

YesAnd we’re out of playoffs when it comes to talking about A-Kid, the WWE Spanish superstar. In an unprecedented move, Vallecas’ talent has been transferred from NXT UK, in Great Britain, to NXT 2.0, WWE’s development brand in the United States where he will make his North American television appearance, On Air, Tonight. In addition, not only was this news confirmed last week, but the Spanish fighter was also expected to be available as a playable character in the latest WWE 2K22 video game that is already on sale.

Vallecan Sensation Arrives in the United States

Since A-Kid debuted in NXT UK facing one of his references as Kassius Ohno (and achieved victory) he has done nothing but mark milestone after milestone on his path to impending glory. He was the first Heritage Cup champion after defeating Trent Seven on November 26, 2020 to later claim the honorary title of first ‘Iron Man’ after a passionate half-hour battle with Irish talent Jordan Devlin in August 2021.

When we thought he could do bigger and bigger things, Vallecano had the chance to fight twice for the WWE British Brand Championship, first with Walter (now Gunther) as champion and second in first title defense Ilja Dragunov, but it couldn’t be; The tournament did not come to Spain.

Whatever the case, the praise of the coaches and legends that surround A-Kid in his day to day (Triple H, Shawn Michaels or William Regal in his day), along with his tireless work in and out of the ring has earned him the sweet opportunity to compete in NXT 2.0 tonight, where you can… See for yourself how Kushida, his rival, spends it tonight. The Japanese is one of the standards within the revamped WWE brand, and since he started his career in 2006, he has gone through many top international brands like NJPW or CMLL until he reached WWE in 2019 where he achieved his greatest achievement. his career, becoming a Cruiserweight Champion.

This announcement exploded social networks in our country to such an extent that it had repercussions across the pond as some superstars like Grayson Waller wondered ‘Who or what this A-Kid was’. I’m sure I’ll soon be out of doubt. The question now lies in the future of the Spanish language, did it come to the United States to stay or is it only temporary? Will he be as central as he was in NXT UK, or will he be another talent in a squad brimming with fighting wisdom? What is clear is that he came to continue learning this trade and certainly has no shortage of desire.

video game fighter

But the Spaniard is on his way. On March 10, the 2K video game franchise announced that A-Kid will be available as a download of exclusive playable content starting June 7. This is how we introduced it on Twitter and it was confirmed by the hero himself minutes later:

In total, five content packs will be available with 28 new playable characters, including Ronda Rousey, Umaga, Yokozuna, The British Bulldog RVD or Doudrop. All of them, along with the Spanish star, will delight Spanish fans, and not only fans of video games. The Spanish language, more specifically, will be available in the download package that goes on sale June 7 along with Hurricane Helms, Stacy Keibler and MSK, although if you have the Deluxe Edition and nWo 4-Life Digital Edition, all packages It will be included.

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