Russia flies over areas monitored by the United States

Russia flies over areas monitored by the United States

North American Air Defense Command (NORAD, for its English acronym) reported a third incident with a Russian military aircraft have flown to the Air Defense Identification Zone in Alaska (ADIZ) Sometime between August 8-10, CNN reports. Earlier on Tuesday, the US network reported two incidents of a Russian military aircraft flying in the ADIZ region of Alaska.

ADIZ is an international airspace adjacent to Alaska that extends over 100 miles (over 100 miles) from US territory. The US Army initiates aircraft identification procedures at ADIZ in the interest of national security.

On this third aircraft, NORAD did not provide further details, but reported on the first two In both cases it was a single Russian reconnaissance plane that was tracked by the US military. The second time, the US command sent F-22 fighter jets to intercept the reconnaissance aircraft.

It has not entered US or Canadian airspace.

“The Russian planes remained in international airspace and did not enter the sovereign airspace of the United States and Canada,” he added. NORAD explained in a statement. For their part, a number of Pentagon officials told CNN that these incursions are not currently considered an escalation of tension between Russia and the United States.

A defense official added on CNN that The Russian aircraft did not operate in an unsafe or unprofessional manner, and did not enter the Alaska Exclusive Economic Zone. In fact, the US authorities state that a similar incident occurred at the beginning of the year.

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