Sabina joins the United States in her “against all odds” world tour

Sabina joins the United States in her “against all odds” world tour

Spanish singer-songwriter Joaquín Sabina He included the US on his Against All Odds tour with two concerts in New York and Miamias part of the tour starting in February in Latin America with the most famous hits of the Andalusian musician.

Joaquín Sabina (Apida, Jaen, 1949) announced Thursday that his world tour, which will begin on February 25 in Costa Rica, now includes these two American cities.

It will be presented in the United States New York (Hulu Theatre) November 16thand in Miami (Miami Dade Arena) The nineteenth day of the same monthAccording to a statement.

Tour included ColombiaAnd Chili pepperAnd PeruAnd Argentina s Uruguay; It will continue through Spain and reach Mexico, the United States and the Caribbean in the fall, the statement released on Thursday detailed.

About to turn 74 next February, “returning from everything and healing from his fears for his sheikh and for the devil,” the author of global themes such as “And they gave us ten o’clock” declared his return to the stage “to” cheer himself and his audience,” the statement added.

It is aboutEssential quotes from this survivor who will never tire of celebrating in his songs a vision of life irreverent and beautiful with a passion of treacherous night, frantic love and heartbreak.“, Add.

The Against All Odds tour follows the presentation at the end of last year of the biographical documentary “Sentendo Lo Mogo” by Spanish director Fernando Leon de Aranoa.

In the documentary, Sabina is candid about her stage fright, which persists despite her half-century of career behind her and her being a seminal figure in contemporary Spanish popular music.

With the round, Sabina Concludes her final stint behind closed doors and reopens her ‘live show canteen’With the “mass ritual” in which the singer-songwriter will perform his songs live, the statement reads, “world chant adheres to the genetics of popular culture for generations.”

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