The United States offers a job of 80,000 pesos without speaking English

The United States offers a job of 80,000 pesos without speaking English

United State, Through a post published in recruitment portal, Advertise a job vacancy for a Action It can be of interest to all Mexicans who want to work legally, because the pay is 80,000 pesos month f Einglish Not requirements to apply.

If you are looking for a new Actionand you want a change of scenery, all legally, take advantage of this opportunity that is presented to you American companyaddressed to all interested Mexicans.

website of National Employment Service Unit Posted a few days ago Job offer on charges of “idiomatic (front end) in mechanical maintenance s Electrician Aluminum Container Processing Machinery”. Find out all the details and requirements.

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Based on the information that has been shared by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, for those who wish to send it Job applicationyou should do it before April 17, 2023. as part of the process Recruitment, which will last 4 months. An interview will be held until the person selected for the position is announced. Shop robbed.

It is important to mention that the Action See full time. staffing firm, among others Benefitsoffers Certain Dental Care, Certain medical advice care, Certain life and plans annuities from mailRecruit s for a duration indefinitely.

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Go to the US and earn 80,000 pesos per month

In the description on the Internet portal it is stated that company from United State recognized for having it work’s relationships With different international brands in manufacturing from containers aluminum or Canssustainable for different types of beverages such as beer, coffee, tea, wine, water, soft drinks, and sports drinks.

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the company Search appearance qualified as front end technicians, who are prepared as a technician / engineer, i.e. have studies and graduates in such occupations as mechanics, electricity, mechatronics, electronic mechanics and metallurgical mechanics, among others. How do requirements It is imperative that they require at least one year of experience in maintaining and repairing aluminum packaging processing machinery.

What are the job requirements and functions?

within limits requirements required, in addition to a minimum academic level artistic career As for Degree relevant (if you have work experience, preferably two to three years in maintaining aluminum processing machinery, much better), it is necessary that accelerator Be familiar with its configuration and operation machinesCoolants, lubricants and speeds/feeds of various types machine tool. Travel availability is also essential.

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The working day is full time, although the description indicates that it is limited to the fact that the worker must appear “some days” from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

within limits mission which a person must exercise during its administration Action stand out:

– Configuration and manufacturing testing Cans and other equipment subject to power tests.
– Synchronization and alignment for various playback machines With its mechanical principles of repair and regeneration.
Operate, lubricate, clean and remove backlogs as well as add direct and indirect materials to equipment to keep it running.
– Rebuild, repair and refurbishment of manufacturing equipment Cans front end, among others machines Related.
– Define and configure operability machines tools to improve its performance.
– proces machines Front end: file processing, cupping preparation, body makers, trimmers, etc.
– Reading and interpreting reports of specialized computer information systems.

If you met requirements And you want to apply find this vacant in it Employment portal.

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