The story of an Argentine lawyer who left the law to become a safari guide

The story of an Argentine lawyer who left the law to become a safari guide

It took a drastic turn in his life Javier Raymondan Argentinian lawyer who set aside his law practice to interview wildlife in… Africa .

With a backpack over his shoulder, he’s become an adventurer and guide on safaris across the African continent, spotting lions in Uganda or sharing with local tribes.

For this Argentine lawyer, his greatest weakness is elephants and one of them starred in his latest story on the networks. Trapped in a well in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Javier and a group of zoo rangers got down to work to help the animal, exhausted from the heavy fighting, couldn’t find a way out of the hole it had fallen into.

Additional support was required Sand truck until the baby elephant finally reaches the roof And this story had a happy ending.

The hot rescue of another trapped elephant

Air and ground vets were mobilized to the rescue Trapped elephant A trap for hunters in September 2021.

The calf was bound to one leg and was self-injuring in his attempts to regain freedom. Rangers from the Ndera Community Conservancy, a Kenyan conservation area, came to the site to rescue the trapped elephant.

By helicopter, they arrive at the place and notice how Snake Hands has suffered from the poachers’ trap. About 50 meters from the scene, the animal’s mother watched anxiously.

To save the trapped elephant, they first drop a tranquilizer dart. already asleep, Rescuers proceeded to cut the rope that had kept him hanging and injured his leg in the process. Finally, after the effect of anesthesia, the elephant was able to return to its habitat.

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