Sainz defends the value of what Palu is achieving in the United States

Sainz defends the value of what Palu is achieving in the United States

Historically, Indycar has had a more limited following in Spain than F1 of course but also from other engine classes. The American Championships gained importance here with raids Fernando Alonso In the Indianapolis 500 To win the Triple Crown, now Alex Ballou It gives a boost – well deserved, no doubt – to the American single-seat competition.

The Catalan arrives at the final test of the 2021 season in Long Beach (California) with everything in mind to win the title in his second year there. It is enough for him to be in the eleventh place to be a champion, and he can even be crowned by obtaining the last places.


Everything seemed to indicate that Spanish fans could witness a historic victory for the fifth Spaniard to run in the North American Series, and even among the National pilots in other competitions, he has already demonstrated his capabilities, recalls Carlos Sainz.

Palou is currently the most successful driver in our country, which is why Sainz was asked at an event for his Formula 1 sponsor with Ferrari, Estrella Galicia.

“It’s very good news for Spain and the car world in Europe, that there’s a guy like Alex, who had to beat hard in Japan and the US, I competed with him in karting, and I didn’t. I saw him again. Now I’m excited to see him there in Indy. That’s it. Sunday I saw his career, I support him and I enjoy watching him. I think even if he doesn’t win, he was the best of the year, said the man from Madrid.

On the other hand, Fernando Alonso was not lacking in praise for the Catalan either. “Of course I follow him and the truth is that he is a phenomenon,” Al Astori said a few weeks ago.

Alonso’s opinion of Palo:

“This year I see him as a champion, because he is more consistent and better, and I am very happy that a young Spaniard’s victory in Indycar is good for everyone, and it opens his eyes a little on the new generations as well,” defended Alonso, who sees life behind Formula One in other competitions of the same level.

For now we’ll have to wait to see the test at Long Beach on September 26, although at the moment the winds look favourable and Spanish fans are enjoying the magic of a truly exciting competition like the Indycar.

Alex Ballou, career is not easy

After a difficult start in Campos Race Racing in Spanish Formula 3 or GP3 Series – Initially, he went to Japan to finish his first year in third place in Formula 3 in the Asian country.

Between coming and going to Japanese and European lands, he ended up in 2020 full-time at IndyCar NS Del Queen Racing, with the first platform in the test America Road.

Baloo’s performance at the 2021 Indianapolis 500:

Now in 2021, Team Chip Ganassi Racing and their blue powered car Honda They have given him a great base for the sequence of great works in the various American circles and ovals.

So far, he’s racked up three wins—at Barber Motorsport Park, Road America, and Portland International Raceway—plus a stunning second place in the Indianapolis 500 (where he was about to win) and another podium—at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Detroit Street Arena, and in Central Ohio.

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