The Aliste mushroom arrives in Uganda from the hand of Jesús Calleja

The Aliste mushroom arrives in Uganda from the hand of Jesús Calleja

🔴 Planeta Kalija introduces to Africa Boletus idlis from Conservas Gabemar, located in Vradilos, and explains the province’s innate value, according to Zamora 24 Horace daily.

the Aliastanas mushroom, one of the delicacies offered by the province of Zamora protected under the label Food of Zamora, they have crossed the ocean and strait and their unique flavor has reached the heart of Africa.

As the journalist collects Ruben Bartolome in the diary Zamora 24 hours, akosDemolished to be exported to many countries with the province’s innate quality and diversity, Zamorano mushrooms on this occasion have reached Uganda Thanks for cooperation jesus calijaWho showed this sensitivity to the residents of the area at the beginning of the new season of the successful program planet calija.

The new installment of calija It had some of its heroes Boletus edolis From canned jabimar, the company which is headquartered in FradilosWhich conveyed its wonderful flavor to the people of the area who faced difficulties in opening the jar because they did not know how to work.

As we saw in the program, a local resident tasted and enjoyed mushrooms jesus calija explain a lot to Pablo AlboranYour companion on this journey, like the Ugandans, is the characteristics of the Alistanas mushroom and the innate value of the region.

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