Live broadcast of the match between Iceland and Uganda (0-0)
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6 minutes ago

Start game

The match starts between Iceland and Uganda.

7:56 am 13 minutes ago

teams in the field

Icelandic and Ugandan players took to the field.

7:48 am 21 minutes ago

This was the arrival of Uganda

7:48 am 21 minutes ago

Everything in the dressing room in Iceland

Since 7:45 am 25 minutes ago

Alternatives – Uganda

to be confirmed.

7:40 am 30 minutes ago

Chief Training – Uganda

to be confirmed.

Since 7:35 am 35 minutes ago

Alternatives – Iceland

to be confirmed.

7:30 a.m. 40 minutes ago

Honorary Training – Iceland

to be confirmed.

7:25 am an hour ago

The last five matches – Uganda

7:20 hours ago

Last five matches – Iceland

7:15 am an hour ago

welcome back

We are ready to share with you the events of this match between Iceland and Uganda.

7:10 hours ago

Don’t leave here to watch the Iceland vs Uganda match broadcast live

In a few moments we will be sharing the starting line-ups for the Iceland-Uganda match live, as well as the latest information from Titanic Sports Center – Court One. Don’t miss the live match update details and comments. Covered by VAVEL.

7:05 AM an hour ago

How to watch Iceland and Uganda live?

7:00 an hour ago

What time is the Iceland-Uganda match in Amisotho?

6:55 am an hour ago

Called – Uganda

6:50 am an hour ago

Team – Iceland

6:45 am an hour ago

The first time they meet

This will be the first match between these two teams. Iceland has faced African teams seven times, having three wins, two draws and two losses, while Uganda has faced only one team in the European Union and won it.

6:40 am an hour ago


Uganda comes to this party in a country like its rival. The team will seek to maintain some activity to start getting replacements in the future, as it will have the task of qualifying for more tournaments to fight titles.

6:35 am 2 hours ago


The Icelandic team could not qualify for the World Cup, but they are still looking for a better performance and this match will help them get a clear picture of the future competitions they will play in.

Since 6:30 am 2 hours ago

The match will be played at the Titanic Sports Center

6:25 am 2 hours ago

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