How Can I Track My Wife’s Phone without Her Knowing?


The value of human instinct is often highly underrated. If you’re a husband and suspect that your wife is hiding something from you, there are high chances that you could be right. Right now, you’re probably asking yourself, “how do I track my wife’s phone?”

Reasons to Track Your Wife’s Phone

Whether you’ve been married for a decade or less than a year, there are many justifiable reasons for tracking your wife’s phone:

  • She has been unfaithful before
  • You feel she might not be safe
  • Her health condition needs monitoring
  • She agreed to be tracked in case her phone is lost

According to statistics, the number of unfaithful partners is at an all-time high. If, for some reason, you suspect that your wife is hiding something from you, it is only fitting to find out how to track my wife’s iPhone.

Using mSpy to Spy on Wife’s Phone

Advanced spyware like mSpy makes it easy to determine whether your wife is hiding something or not. This app can be a good kid tracker as well. Furthermore, you can easily see their whereabouts on a map. Marriage comes with plenty of responsibilities. One of the many responsibilities is ensuring your partner is safe even when they’re out of your sight.

mSpy is among the few high-quality platforms that can assist you in tracking your wife’s phone location. Whether she has an Android device or iPhone, your only work will be to install it on their phone.

The app provides a detailed report of her current location and the routes she’s been using over a given time interval. Tracking my wife’s phone using mSpy has been effortless because you can see all her location details, including dates and addresses.

mSpy also enables users to track my wife’s phone without her knowing, thanks to its stealth mode. If you’d like to view your partner’s location subtly, then the mSpy app is a must-have.

How to Track Her Phone by Number

Tracking a wife’s phone by number is not much easier today than a few years ago. Today, only a few authorities can help track my wife’s phone by number. Hence, this service is not available to an average person.

However, we’ve done a little digging and found a service that can help locate someone’s location without having to install an app. It supports all types of phones and all carriers. To use, you just need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Input her phone number

The first step to tracking her phone by number is visiting the website and typing in the target phone number.

  • Log in

The next step is to sign up or log into your account. You can start with a trial period that is more affordable. After that, the target phone receives a link via text within two minutes or less.

  • Locate

If they click on the link, they consent to share their location with you right away.

Tracing My Wife’s iPhone for Free

If you consider tracking an iPhone, there is a completely free solution that might come in handy. This application is called Find My, and it’s pre-installed on every iOS device. It makes locating someone else’s iPhone very easy. However, it comes with a few cons.

First, you need to open Find My and go to the tab called People. Here, you can add any other user’s device to be tracked. But for it to work, your wife will have to agree to be tracked and share her location with you. After that, you just need to tap on your spouse’s iCloud name and trace her on a detailed map within seconds. The disadvantage of this method is obvious. You cannot use it secretly.

Another option available for iPhones is a location tracker on But to use this method, you need to know your wife’s iCloud credentials, which may be hard to get hold of.


Tracing your wife on her phone can sometimes be a difference between life and death. If you’re suspicious about something, asking her outrightly may not help. There comes a time when learning how to monitor their phone remotely is the only logical step to take. mSpy provides a seamless solution to this problem and at very affordable prices.

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