The suspicious disappearance of five Eritrean players from the Focus Hotel in Uganda


A strange event occurred in Jinja, a city in Uganda, during Women’s U-20 Championship from Ceca. Five players from the Eritrea women’s national team they disappeared On the morning of last Tuesday 2 November, the Council of East and Central African Football Associations (CECAFA) reported.

football players Meet the rest of the team at the Focus Hotel From the city in the south of the African country, and at the moment, the reasons for his disappearance and whereabouts are still unknown.

“CECAFA, the Uganda Football Association (FUFA) and the police are doing their best to locate these players,” the statement said. Ugandan authorities They are already taking care of the situation: “The matter has been reported to Jinja Police and investigations are underway.”

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Already in 2019, something similar happened When five players, also under 20, fled the hotel while playing a tournament in the African country. The situation can be repeated because The complicated situation of Eritrea, the country of mathematics, with the dictatorial regime of Isaias Afwerki.

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