How Can PDFs Increase The Productivity Of Your Business?


PDF has several benefits and these benefits have made it the publishing standard for many companies across the world. PDF ensures that the documents are delivered as quickly as possible in a cost-effective way. 

Among many benefits of PDFs, one of its benefits is that it can make your organization/business more productive, allowing you to carry out vital tasks using PDFs in no time. If you are wondering how can PDFs make your organization more productive then here are some reasons that will make you believe: 

Cost-Friendly To Handle

While using and handling PDFs, there is little or no cost involved. No special program or application is required to view a PDF, in fact, you can view PDF in any modern browser. Plus, there are so many free PDF readers available out there that can let you read any PDF document for free.

Along with this, handling PDFs such as editing them or converting different formats into PDF is also easy and free. There are tons of different tools available on the internet such as Lua that offers various tools related to PDFs including PDF Converter, Excel to PDF Converter, PDF Compressor, PDF Merger, JPG to PDF Converter, all of which make it easier to manage PDF documents for free. Plus, you can send PDF documents to anyone at any time you want to, for free. 

Same Across All Platform

Since PDFs are an ISO standard, you would find all the documents in PDF format to be the same across all platforms. You won’t see any missing fonts or formatting issues like you would see in word documents and these missing fonts & formatting issues can be crucial for businesses and organizations because if during a presentation, any font is missing or there are formatting issues then it would not only make the business look unprofessional and but it would also take a lot of time to fix those issues.

Whereas with PDF, your time is saved and productivity is increased. Once your document is in PDF format, you needn’t do anything as the document will remain the same whether you open it on a mobile phone or laptop, meaning that you won’t need to spend extra time managing your document. 

Long-Term Record-Keeping Capability

For organizations and businesses, record-keeping and archives are important. Luckily, PDF is one of the few documents that offers the option for long-term record keeping. You can save your documents in the PDF/A-1 format that allows you to save and store your files in such a way that these files are suited for long-term archiving. In this way, you can store PDF documents for a long time and they will be accessible for 10-50 and even 100 years.

You can see how you can convert a document into PDF/A-1 format only once and you won’t need to worry about it since it will be preserved for a long time.

Search & Find Function

PDF documents have this function that any text element of the document can easily be searched which makes them easy to navigate. Often businesses and companies receive lengthy business documents that can have 100s of pages full of text and in those pages, it can be difficult to find the thing that you are looking for.

Luckily, with the search and find function, you can just type the keyword in the search box that you are looking for and that keyword will be highlighted and shown on the screen making it easier to find the piece of content that you were looking for. Another plus point is that you can magnify the documents and see things more clearly without affecting the quality of the document.

Easy To Manage And Share

PDFs can easily be shared through email since most PDF documents have compact sizes. PDF is one of those document formats that is known to store a large amount of data in a relatively small size, meaning that you can store a huge amount of data and send it in the form of PDF without putting much load on the storage space.

If a PDF document has a size greater than the file size limit then the size can be reduced by compressing the PDF without the quality of the document being affected. In this way, PDFs reduce storage and expensive bandwidth issues.

These were some of the reasons why PDF is being used across the world for different purposes and how it can increase the productivity of your business. There are many other benefits of PDFs over other document formats, making it the ideal choice for sending and receiving documents.

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