The United States accuses intelligence agents of espionage | international | News

The United States accuses intelligence agents of espionage |  international |  News

Federal Court United State On Wednesday, it announced that it has indicted four Chinese intelligence agents in Beijing and a US citizen on charges of an espionage scheme to collect information in its territory on opposition activists and important critics of the communist government in China. China.

New York prosecutors said in a statement released by Bron Pace and Matthew Olsen, a Brooklyn District Attorney, that the five allegedly conspired to silence Chinese dissidents, pro-democracy activists and human rights leaders.

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Pace and Olsen asserted in the memo that they “exposed and confronted an operation by the People’s Republic of China that threatened the security and freedom of Chinese nationals residing in the United States because of their pro-democracy beliefs.”

Deputy Attorney General Olsen warned, “We will not tolerate any attempt by the People’s Republic of China or any authoritarian regime to export any repressive practices to our country.”

US citizen Shujun Wang, 73, a prominent Chinese-born academic living in New York, was arrested in March on suspicion of working as an agent for the Chinese government.

The indictment, dated Tuesday, accuses him of using an organization considered critical of the Chinese regime he founded in New York to “collect classified information on prominent human rights activists and leaders” who advocate an openness to democracy in their country.

Shujun Wang is suspected of passing the information collected via encrypted letters and emails to four customers in Beijing.

Federal prosecutors say the man provided information to “directors” within China’s Ministry of State Security in Beijing: Feng He, Ji Jie, Ming Li and Qiqing Lu. These four Chinese officials have also been accused of spying in their absence.

Agents ordered Wang to target Hong Kong pro-democracy activists, Taiwan independence advocates, Uyghur minority activists and Tibetan opponents, according to Brooklyn prosecutors.

Wang faces more than 20 years in prison if convicted and the four alleged partners remain at large.

He was arrested on March 17 when the attorney general for the Eastern District of New York, Bryon Pace, announced charges in three separate cases.

In one, MSS agent Lin Qiming, 59, was charged with conspiracy. In another, “Frank” Leo, 62, and Matthew Ziboris, 49, both from New York; and Qiang “Jason” Sun, a 40-year-old Chinese man, have been charged with conspiracy to act as agents of the Chinese government. (me)

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