The United States approves an economic aid package for Colombia – America – international

The United States approves an economic aid package for Colombia – America – international

The US Congress approved the Attorney General’s Appropriations Act of 2022, through which A cooperation fund has been allocated to Colombia, amounting to 471.3 million dollars.

“These resources reach into issues of social development, rural development and alternative development, but they also promote justice and the fight against crime,” said Colombian Ambassador to the United States, Juan Carlos Pinzon.

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With the highest budget allocation of the decade to Colombia, by President Joe Biden’s government, the excellent cooperative relations between our two countries have been ratified.

According to Pinzon, they are also resources for “Afro-descendants and indigenous peoples, as well as resources to strengthen our military, including demining.” The ambassador confirmed it “A large part of these resources will be left to the next administration in Colombia.”.

This amount represents an increase of $10 million over the budget for 2021 and $17.5 million more than the Biden administration has requested for this year.

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It is also known that in the final text of the law, already signed by President Joe Biden, the amendments promoted by some members of Congress in that country, such as banning Esmad assistance, will be rescinded; Negative report on retired Colombian soldiers after the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise; 30% keep funds in anti-narcotics account, earmarked to increase IMF account retention by 10%.

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“By allocating the highest budget of the decade to Colombia, the administration of President Joe Biden has ratified the excellent relations of cooperation between our two countries and confirmed that we are the most important ally of the United States in the hemisphere,” said President Evan Duque.

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