The United States Army chose its futuristic vehicle to operate in cold climates

The United States Army chose its futuristic vehicle to operate in cold climates

Focusing on Arctic geographic environments, United States Army (U.S. military) Choosing a future cold weather ATV. The winning company in the competition is BAE Systems, judging by the company’s official statement.

months and years ago, The United States Army has launched the competition to develop its new Cold Climate All-Terrain Vehicle (CATV) program.. With its announcement, the authorities are seeking to replace the old tracked vehicles of the Bandvagn 206 family, which were produced in the early eighties.

This program was in line with recent announcements in June, according to which the 11th Airborne Division of the United States Army was reactivated to operate exclusively in the Arctic.

In this way, following what BAE Systems reported on August 22, The company was the winner of the CATV program competition. The vehicle chosen by the United States Army is the so-called BvS10 Beov.

Beowulf is an unarmored, tracked, versatile vehicle for transporting personnel and a variety of payloads in either of two cabins. The Beowulf can traverse snow, ice, rocks, sand, mud and swamps, and can operate in steep mountain environments. Its amphibious characteristics also allow it to swim in flooded areas or coastal waters. “, BAE Systems expressed in its official statement. The vehicles were manufactured in northern Sweden, more precisely in the subsidiary company BAE Systems Hägglunds.

Among the tests that the United States Army has undergone, BvS10 Beowuf tested across Alaskan terrain. “Testing included amphibious operations, navigating terrain of varying levels of complexity, starting and operating in extremely cold climates, and most importantly, user evaluation by soldiers.. BAE Systems said.

Although no amounts were reported, The US Army awarded BAE Systems a contract worth $278,000,000. It includes, in addition to providing BvS10 Beowuf off-road vehicles, spare parts and a logistical support package.

* Image credits: BAE Systems

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