The United States recorded an increase in UFO sightings in 2020

The United States recorded an increase in UFO sightings in 2020

In the year when the entire world population was forced to stay home as a result of the Coronavirus, UFOs seized the opportunity to Flying in the skies over New York (USA). The American city would have seen 300 views in total during 2020.

This data is from the National UFO Reporting Center, which you refer to New York timesThey have an explanation. In early 2020, it was expected that, with the help of companies like SpaceX and OneWeb, it was likely that There will be an increase in views Of unknown flying objects throughout the year.

For its part, the US Department of Defense confirmed this week that some photos and a video from 2019 were posted on Instagram It is actually a material recorded by the workers. In it you can see a group of UFOs that are, apparently, not the result of a montage. Both what the New York Times shared and this assertion sparked controversy on social networks about UFOs.

Extraterrestrial possible technology

Among all users on social networks, there are also real experts. With Oumuamua, an interstellar space object seen traveling through the Solar System, Harvard scientist Avi Loeb noticed that It could be a strange technology. Not only does this conversation involve “crazy” assumptions, there are professionals who participate equally in the dialogue.

Both the report and the confirmation sparked controversy on social networks

Added to this is the assumption that everyone is at home, There was more time to look at the sky. However, the referenced data indicates that views across the US increased by 1,000, leaving a total of 7,200. This represents growth of around 16%.

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